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Writing Strategies

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This great site offered by the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, covers all aspects of writing strategies across grades 3-12. The Writer’s Toolkit would be invaluable for grades 3-8. There is a Writer’s Workshop for grades 8-12, and an in-depth look at the Six Traits of Writing, superlative for all grades. In addition, there are videos that show instruction in action. One section includes lesson plans, another has links to research in reading and writing, and another outlines a four-step process for teaching writing strategies.

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Writing Across the Curriculum: Teaching With Writing

 Find practices, strategies and resources for incorporating writing in all areas of the curriculum. Learn how to write clear assignments and how to grade your students' writing more efficiently. From George Mason University.  Courtesy of nettrekker

Strategies for Success

Strategies for Success How can you help your students be successful in school? This site offers a program that will help prepare the student for the coming year. There's information on: learning styles, note taking, memory techniques, time management, study tips, test preparation, critical

Reading Comprehension Strategies Toolbox

Name: Reading Comprehension Strategies Toolbox Brief Description of the Site: The Reading Comprehension Strategies Toolbox section of the Palma Sola Elementary School Web site features online tutorials in reading comprehension strategies. How to use the site: Teachers, reading specialists, and parents can use

Strategies for Empowering Students

Strategies for Empowering Students The authors provide information centering around character education with regard to understanding the topics of diversity and cultural heritage. Along with classroom activity exercises for primary, intermediate, and upper grades, there are resources for teachers looking

5 Tips for Grant Writing Strategies

by the Tech&Learning Grant Guru Gary Carnow Appendices Be careful with the use of appendices. Some proposal writers try to use the appendix to place information that should have been included in the body of the proposal. The appendix should

Get Writing

Get Writing This is a comprehensive site devoted to the art and craft of writing. Get Writing offers quizzes, mini-courses, idea tools and more. Users will notice minor differences between British English and American English, but the lessons apply on either side of the Atlantic. BBC •