Real-Time Data: Empowering Formative Classrooms

Real-Time Data: Empowering Formative Classrooms

As the entire field of education continues to evolve - from curriculum and standards to accountability – teachers and administrators are expected to achieve ever-increasing degrees of success with ever-decreasing levels of resources. The reality, however, is that all the knowledge, experience, and dedication in the world can’t add hours to the day. Fortunately, educators don’t need to work harder. They just need the tools to work smarter.

Professional Learning Communities are literally changing the way the education process is viewed, understood, and accomplished. Collaboration is building bridges and closing gaps. Flexibility is driving curriculum modifications and meaningful interventions. And technology is helping deliver on the promise of efficiency and effectiveness. The challenge is to bring all these components together in a way that is both manageable and affordable within existing educational systems.

Educators Need the Tools to Work Smarter

GradeCam offers a comprehensive solution to this dilemma by streamlining processes, reducing costs, connecting stakeholders, and providing actionable data in a timely manner. Teachers are able to customize assessments, get immediate feedback, share information, and address needs as they arise. And GradeCam can facilitate all of these functions without requiring any special forms or equipment – just plain paper and a computer, tablet, smartphone, or document camera. But perhaps the best part is that GradeCam can also automatically transfer and record scores with the touch of a button.

Teachers are able to create unique forms specific to their needs, regardless of grade or subject area, comprised of multiple choice, true/false, number grids, rubrics, credit assignments, and more. And they can use them however they choose, from adding form code identifiers to regular assessments, or embedding them into existing worksheets, to laminating them for re-use, or printing multiples on a page to save paper.

Not only does GradeCam then make scoring instantaneous, but it also generates individual and cumulative data that can be viewed by question, score, student, class, teacher, school, and existing or custom standards. It even produces reports and enables direct sharing between educators and/or administrators.

By combining all the best elements of a successful PLC model with state-of-the-art technology developed by teachers, for teachers, GradeCam is already delivering proven results at schools and districts across the nation.

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