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New Elementary Supplemental Curriculum, Aligned to California Common Core State Standards, Unveiled by Mentoring Minds

Instructional Solutions Integrate Critical Thinking and Assessment With Classroom Instruction
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LOS ANGELES (May 4, 2015) – California elementary educators will now have access to powerful and affordable tools for implementing standards-based best practices with today’s launch of Total Motivation Math and Total Motivation ELA, the newest resources in the Total Motivation family of innovative print-and-online supplemental curriculum solutions from Mentoring Minds. These robust resources include unit instructional plans that support implementation of the California Common Core State Standards, increase student confidence when taking standardized tests, and integrate critical thinking into daily classroom activities.

Mentoring Minds, the national publisher of critical thinking-focused educational resources for K–12, has developed these two new resources with exclusive content to more fully support their existing customers across the state of California who have already implemented Mentoring Minds’ proven classroom resources. The new content addresses 100 percent of the California Common Core State Standards for Math and English Language Arts (ELA) and reflects the rigor of Smarter Balanced assessments in order to meet the needs of students and educators in some of the country’s largest school districts.

Designed by and for educators, Total Motivation is a supplemental curriculum that delivers invaluable and deeply aligned content in a total package that includes both print and online formats. This unique print-and-online solution ensures that teachers and students have access to high-quality content to meet rigorous standards and effectively build individual critical thinking skills for the classroom and beyond. With content developed specifically for California, Total Motivation Math and Total Motivation ELA provide California educators with a comprehensive resource that unpacks and explains each and every state standard.

“Built from the ground up to be aligned to the California Common Core State Standards, Total Motivation for California will provide teachers with powerful resources to ensure the state’s more than three million elementary school students meet and exceed these rigorous learning goals,” said Robert Bush, CEO, Mentoring Minds. “With a firm foundation in research, the instructional model in our supplemental curriculum puts tools for helping students build critical thinking skills at teachers’ fingertips. Developing customized learning solutions such as Total Motivation – California to help prepare students for success beyond the classroom is a key part of our mission.”

Among the student benefits offered by Total Motivation Math is the opportunity to analyze, connect and reinforce the standards in real-world contexts, while engaging in activities that foster critical thinking and mathematical reasoning. The resource is designed to familiarize students with a digital environment, foster a positive attitude toward mathematics, and improve math literacy. Total Motivation ELA addresses standards for reading, foundational skills, writing, speaking/listening, and language. Twenty-five units of diverse literature and informational text are provided for comprehensive analysis. The curriculum also encourages cross-curricular connections with content drawn from California’s science and social studies standards. In addition, each assessment item is also coded to the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards, Smarter Balanced Claims and Targets, Depth of Knowledge Level, and Bloom’s Taxonomy Level.

Total Motivation also features online progress monitoring, which provides real-time, visual feedback of student performance on 100 percent of content standards, allowing educators to easily identify learning gaps and take immediate action. A wide variety of reports and views are available to educators—ranging from item analysis to standards mastery, and from the student to the district level—further empowering educators to make sound instructional decisions and differentiate instruction for their students.

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