New OpenEd Partnerships Make World’s Largest Online Library of Standards-Aligned Resources Available to Learning Management System, Test Prep App and Assessment Solution Companies

Partnerships Provide Millions More Teachers and Students With Tools for Personalizing Learning 
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Partnerships Provide Millions More Teachers and Students With Tools for Personalizing Learning 

LOS GATOS, Calif. – June 23, 2015 – TodayOpenEd, creator of the world’s largest online library of standards-aligned resources for K-12 teachers, announced new partnerships that now make its resources available real-time across a broad range of ed tech companies, including learning management system (LMS), test prep app and assessment solution, enabling literally millions more teachers and students to have access to its resources for personalizing learning.

The company is announcing new partnerships with LMS companies Otus Learning Management Network and Atlas Learning, and Higher Learning Technology for its test prep apps. OpenEd’s resources already are available through leading assessment companies, includingRenaissance Learning,which is using OpenEd’s learning activities, videos and homework assignments aligned to standards and tagged for specific curriculum uses, and making them available to the more than 30,000 schools who use Renaissance’s STAR assessment.

“At OpenEd, our mission is to ensure that all teachers and students have access to assessments, videos, educational games and other standards-aligned resources,” said Adam Blum, CEO of OpenEd. “Our new API allows us to make our library of standards-aligned resources available to companies across the education space, including LMS, test prep and assessment, so they can provide standards-aligned content for personalizing learning to the educators that they serve.”

The Otus Learning Management Network is an easy-to-use mobile learning environment that brings all the best classroom tools together into one secure location.

“In Otus, teachers can easily use analytics to run reports based on standards to learn how individual students or groups of students are progressing,” said Otus Chief Product Officer Chris Hull, who also co-founded the company and is a seventh grade teacher at Elm Place Middle School in suburban Chicago. “With resources like OpenEd discoverable in Otus, teachers can quickly find resources to fulfill specific needs and provide personalized learning.”

Atlas Learning provides an easy-to-use platform to improve classroom communication across any and all hardware devices.

"OpenEd provides expertly curated resources,” said Atlas Learning Chief Marketing Officer Brett Lipensky. “With all of the resource providers in the market, it is great to collaborate with a company that manages and organizes their content in a way that it makes our customers’ lives easier."

Higher Learning Technology, which develops educational apps that test users' knowledge of exam material in addition to formative assessments, now can integrate OpenEd’s content with its test prep app.

“As the highest-grossing higher education test prep app, we recognized the need to help students fill in their learning gaps,” said Alec Wright, CEO, Higher Learning Technology. “We expanded our partnership with OpenEd as the only service that offers high quality videos for instruction on every microconcept in the K-12 space.” 

About OpenEd

OpenEd is the largest K-12 educational resource library, offering over a million assessments, homework assignments, videos, games and lesson plans for every Common Core Math and English/Language Arts Standard as well as the Next Generation Science Standards. OpenEd lets teachers assign quizzes and homework to their students and automatically grades them, recommending videos and assignments in real-time and personalized based on each student's progress in learning each Common Core standard. The result is truly personalized learning for every student.

OpenEd is committed to keeping the majority of its content available for free to educators around the world. For more information,



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