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Finally! A Solution that Matches Students to Careers First

Myverse launches free tool that matches students to career paths first, then relevant colleges effectively reducing teen stress about life after graduation
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Myverse launches free tool that matches students to career paths first, then relevant colleges effectively reducing teen stress about life after graduation

(SAN JOSE, CALIF.) September 15, 2015- An astonishing 92% of High School graduates have no idea what they want to be, or what career path would best suit them. In turn, they have no idea what they should study while in college. So why do we wait until students start college to guide them towards a fulfilling career? Myverse asks, what if we matched students to careers first, provide information, and then point them to relevant majors and higher education institutions?

In under a minute and with 90% accuracy, Myverse psychometrically matches individual students to various career paths to explore. It’s free for all users, effectively eliminating student stress and anxiety around the age-old question, “what do I want to be when I grow up?” Currently a high school student drops out every 26 seconds and staggering college drop out rates in the first two years of higher education indicate more needs to be done to provide students with a sense of direction and purpose regarding their education earlier in life.

“Education shouldn’t be about getting through the next lesson or the next test, it’s bigger than that. We as adults need to contextualize education in a way students can make real world connections with what they’re learning, especially when considering what they will do after graduation. Myverse provides the starting point in this quest for students and teachers alike,” said Wayne Sharp, Myverse president and founder.

Myverse is a perfect introduction to and guiding light for any student taking Career and Technical Education Courses in middle and high school. It also serves as an integral tool for teachers and counselors providing guidance to their students. The web-based platform provides students with videos highlighting each career path, and allowing the student to learn more about their individual results.

It is more important than ever that our students are exposed to resources during their teen years preparing them for life after graduation, whether that be a University, trade school or going directly into the workforce. Myverse is designed to not only reduce the stress and anxiety around the important and difficult decisions teens face, but to provide them with tools to explore career paths, before investing vast amounts of time and money in furthering their education in a specific field.

“Myverse provides a fun, yet reliable color quiz that speaks the language of today’s 21st Century, tech savvy students. Free for students of any age to use, we have set out to revolutionize the way students, and educators, look at education,” said Sharp.

While Myverse is not a blueprint for students’ lives, it is an effective tool that captures their attention and it sets them on an appropriate course to prepare for college so they can focus on their personal career readiness.

To learn more about Myverse and get started for free, visit them online at

About MyVerse
MyVerse is an online and mobile resource for middle school and high school students, focused on psychometrically matching teens, in less than one minute, to 1-5 careers. The site provides matched career videos, relevant majors and courses, and finally, matching to colleges.

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