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Teq Selected as Exclusive Distributor for Labdisc in New York and New Jersey Schools

Wireless, compact device acts as an all-in-one complete Lab for schools, ideal for earth science classes and more
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Huntington, NY, Oct. 20, 2015 ---Teq, a leading educational technology and professional development firm, today announced that it was named the exclusive distributor of Boxlight Labdisc, a hand-sized data logger, for K-12 school districts in New York and New Jersey. By working with Teq, schools will have access to the latest in classroom laboratory technology along with professional development and technical support for Labdisc products.

The Labdisc is a single cable-free device that acts as a complete Lab with up to 15 built-in wireless sensors. The Labdisc revolutionary design fully integrates with the latest technology tools widely used in schools today, such as netbooks, interactive flat panels, and tablets. 

The Labdisc data logger replaces a big box of more than 20 individual items that are traditionally used in school classrooms – data loggers, sensors, sensor cables and communication cables – with a single device thattransforms any classroom into a hands-on science laboratory. Students can use Labdisc to measure 13 different parameters such as temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity and teachers’ preparation time for lab work is dramatically reduced because all sensors are built-in and automatically tested and calibrated. 

“We at Boxlight, selected Teq as our sole distributor in New York and New Jersey schools because of their superior customer support and professional development for teachers, said Pat Henry, EVP North America, Boxlight. “Just as Teq is redefining PD with more convenience and personalization, Labdisc is making it easier for teachers to spend more time teaching and less time on lab prep.”

Labdisc’s large number of high quality sensors enables teachers to bring inquiry-based learning in a variety of science fields --biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science and geography -- to their classrooms. Unique features include the GPS probe which harnesses GPS to plot sensor values as a layer over a Google map.

In 2012, after only existing for one year, the Labdisc quickly won the WorldDidac award for innovation and pedagogic value, quickly followed by the Technology and Learning Awards of Excellence. The following year the Labdisc was awarded the e-learning innovation award with received over 200 entries. Today more than 100,000 students worldwide are using the Labdisc to improve their individual and national science prospects.

“The Labdisc makes science easy and fun with a full interactive experiment set for elementary, middle and high school students that focus on design and analysis,” said Chris Hickey, President of Teq. “It can save schools from needing to invest in dedicated funding for a traditional science laboratory, because it enables any classroom to be turned into a lab.”

About Globisens

Established in April 2009, Globisens is an education technology company, focused on delivering the most modern pioneering solutions for K-12 science. In October 2011, Globisens launched the Labdisc all-in-one multi-disciplinary laboratory for every science field including physics, biology, chemistry, environmental studies and geography.

About Boxlight

BOXLIGHT has been developing and manufacturing award winning projectors, interactive technology and providing complete classroom solutions since its inception in 1985. We pride ourselves in offering industry leading technical support and ISF Certified® service available 24 hours / 7 days per week / 365 days per year – for the lifetime of the product.

BOXLIGHT’s ability to respond to customer needs allows for personalized service and an unbeatable relationship with partners and customers. BOXLIGHT is able to build products to specification or customize product on an individual basis.

BOXLIGHT operations encompass sales in the United States and worldwide. Headquarters are located in Lawrenceville, GA, with offices in Mexico City, Taiwan and China. BOXLIGHT products and services are available on-line at www.boxlight.com or by calling 360.464.2119.

To find a dealer in your area please contact a BOXLIGHT representative at 360.464.2119 or sales@boxlight.com



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