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Interactive Website Connects Students to World Population History

Population Connection’s new interactive website features innovative educational tools that allow visitors to explore world population history through various lenses. 
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Washington, DC, Population Connection’s new interactive website, features innovative educational tools that let visitors explore the peopling of our planet through multiple perspectives—historical, environmental, social, and political. The website features major population changes throughout time as well as provides insight on how historical moments have contributed to an expanding population and how unsustainable population growth will impact the future.

High school educators and students will find the website useful for learning about topics related to geography, world history, demography, and much more. The website is home to six downloadable lesson plans designed for high school science and social studies classrooms. The lesson plans address current national and state standards as well as provide content for several Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Another feature on the website is a videothat portrays the history of population growth with dots, each representing 1 million people, illuminating a world map. Historical images on the screen provide context for the events, discoveries and civilizations that shaped world population over the past 2,000 years.

The site’s central feature and tool is a world population map that is linked to a historical timeline representing the 2,000-year journey of human civilization through five areas of human existence (People & Society, Science & Technology, Food & Agriculture, Health, and the Environment).

There are multiple ways visitors can interact with the rich content on the site:

·Click more than 1,400 dots on the world population map to discover the history and demography of places, ranging from Chichen Itza during the Mayan Empire to modern-day Kinshasa

·Add overlays to the world population map to witness the changing human landscape and carbon emissions since the 18th century, as well changing fertility and life expectancy statistics

·Explore over 370 historical milestones that have shaped population trends—including inventions, explorations, key events, social movements, and more

·Test your population I.Q. with a world population knowledge quiz

·Find your “population number” based on the day you were born

“The World Population History website provides a unique experience for students and teachers,” said Pam Wasserman, Population Connection’s senior vice president of education. “Young people are the future, and we can inspire them to create a better world by expanding their knowledge of global issues.”

Population Education is a program of Population Connection, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to educate the public about global population issues. Since 1975, Population Education has been developing K-12 curricula for a range of disciplines – science, social studies, math and environmental studies. A full description of all of our materials and workshops, plus downloadable classroom resources, are available at our program site:

For media inquiries: Elspeth Dehnert at or 202-974-7734. 

For all other inquiries: Pam Wasserman at or 202-974-7745. 



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