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Excitement Builds for TCI’s Bring Science Alive! as Teacher, Student Subscriptions Near 750,000

In Less Than Two Years, Hands-on, Science Standards-Aligned Curriculum More Than Doubles Number of Subscriptions
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DENVER – June 27, 2016 – Today at ISTE 2016, TCI reported that teachers and students are flocking to TCI’s Bring Science Alive! Program. Launched in the fall of 2014, nearly three-quarters of a million students and teachers are learning science with the hands-on, interactive curriculum for grades K-5. Currently, more than 43,000 teachers and 673,000 students have subscriptions to Bring Science Alive!, up from 15,000 and 264,000 subscriptions, respectively, in 2014.

“It’s the high levels of student engagement that differentiates Bring Science Alive! from other science programs,” said Bert Bower, TCI founder and CEO. “Many teachers have already experienced for themselves how wrapped up students get when learning with our social studies curriculum, so choosing to learn with Bring Science Alive! was an easy decision. The curriculum was designed not just to provide students with information to learn, but to teach them how to think like a scientist or an engineer, a critical component of Next Generation Science Standards.”

The Bring Science Alive! program was designed and continues to be updated by a stellar science advisory board, made up of top science teachers and teacher-educators. The curriculum includes student-centered lessons, easy-to-implement investigations, online text, simulations, and interactive presentations. It blends rich, standards-based curriculum with engaging investigations. The lessons can be used in a traditional as well as a flipped classroom.

TCI delivers content via teachers and student subscriptions. The student subscription features text, interactive tutorials, notebook prompts, and assessments that support and build off one another to give students a complete understanding of topics and concepts. The teacher subscription includes easy-to-implement presentations, clear standards alignment information, step-by-step tutorials for conducting in-class investigations and more. Both subscriptions can be viewed on any device.

The Bring Science Alive! curriculum for grades 6-8 is currently in development. For grades K-5, anyone can view lesson demonstrations and get an overview of the program here. Teachers can also sign up for a free, 30-day subscription trial of Bring Science Alive!.

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