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Performance Matters Introduces Easy, Efficient Classroom Observation Tool for K-12 Districts

The new Truenorthlogic Observation tool from Performance Matters helps school leaders schedule and conduct observations with ease, connect results to professional development, and increase transparency for teachers.  
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Sandy, Utah — July 12, 2016 — Being observed in the classroom can be a nerve-wracking experience for teachers. Yet, observations that paint a fair, accurate picture of teachers’ strengths and areas of need can play a crucial role in their professional growth. To make the observation experience easy and efficient for both observers and teachers, Performance Matters today announces Truenorthlogic Observation.

Truenorthlogic Observation is an intuitive, online solution for conducting classroom observations, collecting evidence and sharing feedback. Going far beyond simple scripting tools, it gives K-12 districts the tools to configure, customize and streamline the observation process, eliminating the need for onerous paper-driven processes.

With Truenorthlogic Observation, districts can design observation templates that match existing observation instruments, rubrics and ratings scales, and highlight desired teaching practices. School leaders can easily schedule formal observations or classroom walkthroughs, or start one on demand. They can also see how many scheduled observations are on the calendar and which teachers have not yet been observed.

With easy-to-use scripting tools and one-click rating tools, observers can conduct swift, focused note-taking and evidence collection. Intuitive search tools also provide instant access to observation histories and other relevant information.

To increase transparency, observers can share notes, ratings and evidence with teachers. Dashboards also allow teachers to see their overall observation results, as well as results for each element of the rubric.

To support teachers’ professional growth, school leaders can link observation results directly to professional development resources. A helpful lightbulb icon indicates areas where professional learning opportunities are aligned to the rubric. Then, with just a few clicks from the observation rating results, observers can recommend or require professional development courses or self-paced learning opportunities.

Truenorthlogic Observation is part of the Performance Matters Educator Professional Growth Platform, which provides districts with a single online source for professional development, evaluations, observations, and observer calibration.

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Richardson ISD Partners with Performance Matters to Connect Student and Educator Growth, and Support the Rollout of the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System

Richardson ISD in Texas will implement the Performance Matters Platform, a complete solution that combines professional growth and student assessment tools with powerful analytics capabilities to connect and accelerate student and educator growth. Once again, Richardson ISD is at the forefront of using technology to harness and interpret data. But what’s unique this time is that by connecting student and educator growth, Richardson will be able to use student needs to inform their instruction and professional learning. In other words, the Performance Matters Platform will allow the district to measure the impact of their professional development and educator effectiveness efforts on student achievement.

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Performance Matters is partnering with DeeperDive Learning to bring more on-demand, online professional development content to the PD Premium Library within the Performance Matters Educator Professional Growth Platform.  The PD Premium Library helps K-12 districts maximize dollars spent on professional development by providing access to content personalized to meet the specific needs of educators.