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Skyward Partners with Clever to Support Student Data Security

Skyward (@Skyward_Inc), the leading K-12 school administrative software provider, has announced its partnership with Clever, a platform that simplifies and secures the integration of student data, to make its online classroom tools more accessible and secure. Implemented by more than 55,000 schools nationwide, Clever will easily integrate Skyward’s SIS into its platform to make login processes easier while supporting infrastructure for increased student data security measures. 
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Skyward Partners with Clever to Support Student Data Security

The partnership allows educational apps to become more accessible and secure for the classroom

STEVENS POINT, Wis. (Aug. 23, 2016) ­–Skyward, a K-12 school administrative software provider, announces its partnership with Clever, a platform that simplifies and secures the integration of student data exchanged between SIS platforms and educational applications.

Districts using Clever will be able to access Skyward’s free API to complete a data transfer of students enrolled in their district or select schools. The information will then integrate, at the discretion of district administrators, with authorized educational applications. Students are then able to use approved learning apps in the classroom through Clever’s single sign-on, which ensures student data is kept secure.

“Clever integrates with our SIS at the classroom level, by helping districts create accounts and log into online tools that students use every day,” said Ray Ackerlund, chief marketing officer at Skyward. “With two million students already using Skyward and Clever, it makes sense for us to join together to support increased student data security measures for our users. All Skyward clients can access an API to connect to Clever’s 225-plus authorized, secure educational applications at no additional cost.”

Clever has already been implemented in more than 55,000 schools across the nation and partners with more than 225 popular applications including Kahn Academy and Its security infrastructure uses TLS/SSL to safely transmit student data to authorized applications. Clever is FERPA compliant and provides additional safeguards including two-factor authentication.

“Clever shares with Skyward a mission to improve the experience of students and teachers using technology in the classroom by giving administrators powerful tools to deploy their district’s applications,” said Frankie Warren, head of strategic partnerships at Clever. “We’ve already teamed with Skyward to do that for two million K-12 students and are thrilled at the opportunity to extend our relationship – and its impact – even further.”

Skyward’s partnership with Clever will make online classroom tools more accessible and secure by streamlining the login process for districts using educational apps. Clever allows district IT administrators to easily manage learning application account setup and updates, while providing students and teachers more time for instruction and fewer class disruptions that come with multiple app logins.

Clever is trusted by one in three K-12 schools in the U.S. and takes less than one day to set up for new district users, with training and webinars offered. For more information on Skyward’s partnership with Clever, visit

About Skyward

Skyward’s SIS and ERP solutions are used by more than 1,900 public sector organizations worldwide, from small entities to statewide implementations supporting millions of stakeholders. Through a unique approach that blends thought leadership, best practices, and advanced technology, Skyward is redefining what it means to be a strategic partner in the world of enterprise solutions. To learn more, visit

About Clever

Clever was founded in 2012 by educators and technologists who knew that widely available educational apps could improve both teaching and learning, but that tools to deploy and secure the applications were simply unavailable. Today, one in three innovative K-12 schools in the U.S. trust Clever to secure their student data as they adopt learning apps in the classroom. For more information visit




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itslearning (, maker of the personalized learning management platform of the same name, today announced a new relationship with Clever to provide seamless and secure data integration between the learning management system and a school’s or district’s student information system (SIS).  

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