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Fuel Education Delivers Online Courses for the Future with New Summit Curriculum

Engaging, adaptive content and thorough assessment features available in mobile-compatible format for fall 2017 
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Herndon, Virginia, March 8, 2017 — To further empower schools and districts as they continue to implement innovative online and blended learning programs, Fuel Educationâ (FuelEdâ) has launched the FuelEd Summit™ Curriculum, newly reimagined, standards-aligned online courses designed for students in grades K–12, including English Language Learners (ELLs). Starting this fall, educators and students can use these courses, which feature modern, interactive content, adaptive technology for differentiated instruction, and powerful tools and analytics—all available in a mobile and accessible learning environment.

The FuelEd Summit Curriculum includes rich multi-media and interactive audio and visual assets designed in a vibrant style that captivates and engages students and helps them retain what they are learning. In addition, the curriculum adapts to each student’s strengths and weaknesses, delivering individualized instruction paths that provide the support students need, when they need it. Based on an effective, customizable instructional model, the curriculum enables students to progress through five key steps—Get Ready, Learn, Practice, Review, and Assess—that are consistent across every lesson, in every subject area. 

Teachers can assign activities for ELLs to help them understand key concepts, and they can assign extra enrichment activities for students who want to learn more or desire additional challenges. If students do not demonstrate mastery of the content in the assessments, the content’s level of difficulty decreases and students are automatically assigned additional instructional support that teachers can adjust at any time.

"Our new curriculum reflects best practices and lessons learned from years of experience developing online curriculum and working with thousands of administrators, teachers, and students from a wide range of schools and districts,” said Gregg Levin, Fuel Education’s General Manager. “Fuel Education is very excited to provide our partners with a robust, new curriculum that will help position them for success as they continue to usher in online and blended learning programs in their schools.”

FuelEd Summit Curriculum’s advanced analytic tools include visual dashboards to make it easy for teachers to see how the class is performing as a whole or how individual students are progressing through the courses. In addition, the curriculum works on desktops, laptops, and tablets. It is also compatible with assistive technologies such as screen readers, and includes multimedia accessibility features such as closed captioning and transcripts. This makes it possible to serve visually and hearing impaired students, as well as provide additional support for ELLs and remedial readers.

The curriculum will be released in phases, beginning with Math 6–8, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, English Language Arts 6–8, and English 9–11 available this fall. The curriculum also includes honors versions for all high school courses.

FuelEd Summit Curriculum can be purchased in its entirety or course by course, and can be added to a district’s implementation of any FuelEd online instructional offerings. To watch a video and learn more, visit fueleducation.com/summit-curriculum. To register for our webinar on March 29, 2017, click here.

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