At ISTE 2012, Pearson Launches Cost-Effective, Comprehensive Online Learning Platform for Grades 6-12

New GradPoint Program Offers More than 150 Standards-based Core, Elective, Honors and Advanced Placement® Curricula SAN DIEGO – June 25, 2012 – Today, at the International Society for Technology in Education’s (ISTE) annual conference, Pearson announced the launch of GradPoint, an online learning program for grades 6-12 that offers multiple learning paths to serve a variety of student needs on a single platform. With GradPoint, school administrators can reduce costs and increase program effectiveness by eliminating the need for multiple curricular resources and programs.
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New GradPoint Program Offers More than 150 Standards-based Core, Elective, Honors and Advanced Placement® Curricula

SAN DIEGO – June 25, 2012 – Today, at the International Society for Technology in Education’s (ISTE) annual conference, Pearson announced the launch of GradPoint, an online learning program for grades 6-12 that offers multiple learning paths to serve a variety of student needs on a single platform. With GradPoint, school administrators can reduce costs and increase program effectiveness by eliminating the need for multiple curricular resources and programs.

Education leaders, Pearson and Florida Virtual School© designed GradPoint’s more than 150 courses, which align to state academic standards and are coherent with the Common Core State Standards. In addition, the program’s platform enables K-12 teachers to upload their own courses, materials, assessments and assignments to more fully personalize the learning experience for students.

Several paths for learning are available through the program that build off of instructional design best practices from Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction, Visual Literacy, and Cognitive Load Theory to allow students to maximize personalized learning time at their own pace:

• For students who need to recover credits or may need remediation, the platform prescribes only the lessons a particular student still needs to master.

• Students who need an alternative method to earn credits can participate in all elements of a course in a set order, showing mastery before moving on from one lesson to the next.

• Students can self-direct their learning, progressing through course material openly, in any order, which is best for those seeking self-paced remediation, blended learning support and supplemental online instruction.

GradPoint’s virtual, honors, Advanced Placement® and elective courses, from Florida Virtual School©, foster a student-teacher virtual and blended learning environment. These courses provide students with collaborative and project-based learning assignments and assessments.

• The honors courses provide more rigorous assignments to challenge more advanced students to earn honors credits. 

• Advanced Placement® courses deliver curriculum matched to the College Board’s standards to prepare students to take the AP exams and earn college credits before they graduate.

• Electives offer students the opportunity to explore career and topic areas where they may have interest to develop skills and gain knowledge beyond the core level and prepare them for college or career.

“As more school districts and education leaders look to offer online courses, GradPoint provides that one, simple online platform that will enable them to meet the varied needs of individual students while reducing costs. By offering a single sign-in for full virtual courses, blended learning, summer school, credit recovery, AP or honors courses, and electives, we’re expanding learning opportunities for the whole school community,” said Pearson Digital Learning President Chris Dragon.

Available via web browser, GradPoint delivers all of its courses on a simple, intuitive learning platform that allows administrators and teachers to monitor student progress and pace as well as the ability to customize and create courses on their own.

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About Pearson

Pearson has as its mission to work side-by-side with states, districts, teachers, students and parents to ensure that every child is prepared for college and career (NYSE: PSO).




School Specialty Introduces Powerful Online Assessment Systems to Drive Growth in Reading and Math at ISTE 2012

Path Driver for Reading and Path Driver for Math Provide Fast, Research-Based, Accurate Measures of Student Progress SAN DIEGO – June 25, 2012 – Today at ISTE 2012, EPS, a division of School Specialty, introduced Path Driver for Reading™ and Path Driver for Math™, two powerful online assessment systems that deliver fast, accurate and predictive measures of student proficiency. Supporting Response to Intervention (RTI) initiatives and data-driven instruction, the Path Driver programs will provide schools with time-saving tools for universal screening, progress monitoring and reporting – to accelerate student growth in grades K-10 and guide a path to improved achievement.

Pearson Launches Concussion Management Assessment to Protect the Future of Student Athletes

Affordable, Easy-to-Use Test, Resource Portal to Address Growing Public Health Issue Unveiled SAN ANTONIO – Aug. 1, 2012 – According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately more than 1 million people suffer from concussions each year, and adolescent children who participate in sports are one of the highest risk groups for sustaining this type of traumatic brain injury. To help athletic trainers and other health professionals combat this epidemic of injuries that have the potential to result in brain damage and even death, Pearson is now the exclusive provider of Concussion Vital Signs, an affordable, flexible and comprehensive concussion management program that allows for testing, reporting, athlete roster management and education about concussion detection, all from one easy-to-use website:

Pearson’s Open Platform Offers Free, Up-to-the-minute Learning Resources for Teachers to Address Real-time Election Issues in the Classroom

Election Series Blog Offers Latest on Campaign Issues and Trends, Gives Educators and Students Forum for Sharing IdeasNew York(April 16, 2012)– Can rising gas prices derail the president’s reelection campaign? What role does media coverage really play in elections? What are the candidates’ positions on critical issues? Pearson’s freeElection Series blog found at addresses these campaign topics and more, providing complete, up-to-date learning resources and offering a forum for teachers and students across the nation to exchange information and share their views anytime/anywhere.

Free Online Homework Help, Math Refreshers Now Available to Middle and High School Students Learning With Pearson's Common Core Programs

Virtual Nerd Interactive Videos Deliver Personalized TutorialsNEW YORK – Aug. 21, 2012 – Middle and high school students learning with Pearson's Common Core math programs can now turn to Virtual Nerd interactive videos for on-demand quick refreshers or homework help anytime they need support.Available free to students learning with Pearson High School Math Common Core © 2012, Pearson High School Math © 2011, or Pearson Integrated High School Mathematics © 2014, Virtual Nerd's collection of online interactive video tutorials support 21st Century learning by delivering personalized content to students. Virtual Nerd tutorials support every lesson in the high school math programs, allowing students to learn in multiple ways. Learners get the benefits of private tutoring through content-aligned tutorials presented on Virtual Nerd's Dynamic Whiteboard® instructional platform, which anticipates students' questions and allows them to drill down, with ease, on specific areas where they are having difficulty.  


Leading Inquiry-Based Science Program Now Features Increased Support for STEM Education, Reflects the Next Generation Science Standards Framework INDIANAPOLIS –March 30, 2012 –Today as thousands of science educators gather here for the 2012 National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Conference,School Specialty’s Delta Education unveils thethird edition of FOSS (Full Option Science System),the leading inquiry-based science program in America. Developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley, and published by Delta Education, this research-based curriculum for elementary school students is the first program to reflect the national vision described inA Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas(National Research Council, 2012). 

Pearson Leads “Tech & Learning” Awards of Excellence for Third Consecutive Year

Nine K-20 Digital Learning Tools Named the Best of 2012 in Prestigious Ed-Tech Awards ProgramNEW YORK – Nov. 7, 2012 – Nine of Pearson’s K-20 digital learning tools are winners in the 2012 “Tech & Learning” magazine Awards of Excellence. Leading the prestigious competition for the third consecutive year, Pearson’s collection of online and mobile products illustrates its commitment to supporting schools, colleges and universities as they make the bold transformation to digital. Celebrating its 30th year, this recognition program honors K-12 technology products that break new ground, as well as those that added significant enhancements to proven education tools.

Pearson Connects Digital Solution for Response to Intervention to Common Core Math

Powerful RTI Assessment Tool, AIMSweb, Now Links to Lessons in enVisionMATH Common Core and focusMATH Intensive Intervention ProgramsBLOOMINGTON, Minn. – April 10, 2012 – To support the growing number of elementary schools turning to Response to Intervention (RTI) to ensure that students are on the path to academic success, Pearson today announced the pairing ofAIMSweb®, its powerful web-based benchmark and progress monitoring system, with enVisionMATH Common Core, a print and digital curriculum for students in kindergarten through grade 6, and focusMATH Intensive Intervention, an intensive, K-6 math intervention program. Students in schools teaching with these programs will now have their AIMSweb math results linked to recommended lessons in enVisionMATH Common Core as well as exercises in focusMATH Intensive Intervention, providing them with immediate practice on concepts and skills that they may be struggling to understand.