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AR Software Inspires Stunning Increase in Reading Proficiency

Alive Studios’ animal-themed augmented reality lessons help kindergarteners make leaps of learning in only 26 days
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(ATLANTA, Georgia)June 20, 2017 — Just in time for ISTE 2017, leading provider of augmented reality (AR), early education software Alive Studios is sharing some impressive data about the impact that AR has on young English language learners (ELLs).

At J.E. Moss Elementary in Nashville Tennessee, Greg Smedley-Warren teaches a kindergarten class that is 90% ELLs. After only 26 days of integrating Letters alive Plusinto his literacy curriculum, which uses 3D-generated zoo animals to teach letter sounds and recognition, Smedley-Warren said, “Our letter and sound knowledge went from less than 10 (average)…to all 26.” After using Letters alive Plus, he said, “90% of my students read at grade level or higher and are reading earlier in the year.”

Alive Studios provides engaging software kits for early learners, incorporating zoo animals that spring to life in 3D and interact with children as they learn. The Letters alive Plus kit incorporates evidence-based reading instruction through the use of AR software. The lessons and activities are presented within an animal-filled theme, which helps tie science into every lesson.

Smedley-Warren said that his students’ engagement in Letters alive Plus was “amazing,” adding that “It also builds excitement for school, which is vital for our students at the beginning of the year. The laughter and squeals are amazing!”

The Letters alive Plus kit that Smedley-Warren and his students used includes 26 letter cards, 97 sight-word cards, and 84 word-family cards. Each card is interactive and triggers multiple animations depending on the word or sentence that is created. While learning to identify and sound out each letter, the kindergarteners were able to hear, see, touch, build, and speak all throughout the lesson. This multimodal approach appeals to a broad range of learning styles and abilities, and increases long-term retention (especially for ELL, at-risk, and special needs students).

“My team and I were thrilled about the data Greg was able to collect,” said Cynthia Kaye, Alive Studios’ CEO and Chief Zoo Keeper. “Getting this affirmation for the effectiveness of our learning kits, especially with ELL students, further inspires us to spread awareness throughout the U.S. and beyond.”

To experience Alive Studios in person at ISTE 2017, please make an appointment with to visit the PR with Panache! Storytelling Suite at The Stetson Room at Hilton Palacio del Rio, 200 South Alamo, San Antonio, TX.

About Alive Studios 
Alive Studios is an educational technology company that provides reading and math instruction for early learners using augmented reality. Their software is the first of its kind to incorporate this 3D technology into a supplemental, full-year curriculum. This emerging technology allows three-dimensional computer animations to be added to real life objects without the need for special glasses. Alive Studios' reading and math learning kits are presented within a theme filled with animals, which ties science into every lesson. Each learning kit is filled with brain-based activities that utilize multiple teaching modalities for engaging all learners from ages 2–8, and are especially effective with English language learners, at-risk students, and those with special needs. Alive Studios’ mission is to help early learners become proficient in reading and math by 3rd grade. To learn more, please visit

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