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Growing Number of California Districts Deliver Improved, Transparent Parent Enrollment Experience with SchoolMint

California school districts using SchoolMint nearly triples this school year.
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SAN FRANCISCO, September 13, 2017 – School systems across California are increasingly partnering withSchoolMint to transform the student enrollment process to improve the parent experience, make the process more equitable, accessible, and transparent, and streamline overall operations and administrative workflow for staff. SchoolMint, the leading provider of cloud-based student enrollment and school choice software for PreK-12 school systems worldwide, is serving a growing number of school districts in California, along with approximately 20 percent of the state’s charter school market.

“California’s large and diverse student population of six million-plus, along with tightening budgets and expanding school choice and open enrollment options, are driving the need for a better enrollment process,” said Jinal Jhaveri, founder and CEO of SchoolMint, which is based in California. “School systems are searching for a simple, efficient, automated enrollment process so that all of their families have the ability to make the most informed choice for their children.”

Los Angeles Unified School District, Mountain View Whisman School District, Redwood City Elementary School District, Reed Union School District, and San Leandro Unified School District are the latest school districts in California to partner with SchoolMint. They join numerous other districts throughout the state, including Oakland Unified School District, Ross Valley School District, and Wiseburn Unified School District, as well as notable charter school networks, such as Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, Aspire Public Schools, High Tech High, KIPP Bay Area, and Summit Public Schools, to implement the award-winning system.

“SchoolMint has helped us make the student enrollment process more equitable and accessible,” said Charles Wilson, executive director of enrollment and registration management at Oakland Unified School District, a SchoolMint partner since 2015. “Using an automated, mobile-friendly, and multilingual system has eliminated the need for parents to wait in line and spend hours enrolling their child. Completing the process online is more efficient and reliable – and less intimidating – for all of our families regardless of their socio-economic status.”

SchoolMint’s comprehensive system makes the end-to-end enrollment experience easier to manage for both school staff and parents. Its primary solutions include:

Family Outreach and Marketing

School Application and Lottery Management

Student Registration Management

Digital Forms and Documents

School Choice and Unified Enrollment

These student enrollment solutions empower parents by providing mobile and online multilingual access to their school’s enrollment process. School systems benefit from increased operational efficiency, lower costs, and greater analytic and planning insights through the platform’s robust enrollment reporting tools. Furthermore, SchoolMint’s integration with Aeries and other leading SISs eases the data re-entry burden on school staff and upholds data accuracy and integrity.

“We have an obligation to continually improve our staff and family experience,” said Ayinde Rudolph, superintendent of Mountain View Whisman School District. “Enrollment is a family’s first impression of a district and is reflective of how a district operates. We chose to partner with SchoolMint to enhance this process and to provide the efficient, transparent, and accessible system our families deserve.”

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About SchoolMint

SchoolMint provides a cloud-based student enrollment and school choice platform to PreK-12 school systems worldwide. Since its founding in 2013, close to 6,000 schools have chosen SchoolMint to streamline all aspects of student enrollment - student registration management, application, lottery, and school choice management, and digital forms and document uploads. Available online and on mobile devices, SchoolMint integrates with leading student information systems (SIS) and transforms the end-to-end enrollment experience for school staff and parents. Visit to learn more.



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