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CDI launches Google Expeditions Virtual Reality Kits to Schools

Virtual reality kits come fully configured with Google Expeditions so teachers can take their students on more than 500 virtual field trips within minutes of receiving their kits.
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Chicago, IL – Oct. 31, 2017 – Virtual reality technology shows great promise in education, especially for STEM-related subjects, but it’s been cost-prohibitive for schools. In an effort to make virtual reality accessible to all educators and students, CDI Computer Dealers has launched Google Expeditions Virtual Reality Kits. The kits offer everything needed to ensure students are up and running with virtual reality lessons as soon as the kits arrive. The ready-to-use kits offer immersive, virtual “field trips” so students can visually experience the topics they are learning about and can see a “day-in-the-life” look at certain STEM careers.

To help educators explore how to use the virtual reality kits as a teaching tool, CDI will host a free webinar at 2 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, Nov. 7. To register for the “Virtual Reality in the Classroom” webinar visit

“The majority of teachers tell us they believe virtual reality improves learning by engaging and motivating students, providing better opportunities for collaboration and improving students’ understanding of concepts,” said Glenn Collins, vice president of mobile computing at CDI. “Over the past few years, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies have made a quantum leap in terms of industry support, affordability, ease of use and, most importantly, availability of content. But virtual reality is still underutilized in the classroom,” he said. “Today more than 60 percent of teachers tell us that they want to use virtual reality as part of their in-class experience, but fewer than 5 percent of teachers actually do. We are offering enticing leasing and purchasing options in the hopes of expanding access to virtual reality to more educators and students.”

The virtual reality kits are available in sets for 10, 20 or 30 students and include Mattel Deluxe Master Viewers, Magellan Android devices, USB charging stations, a protective rolling case and an ASUS Zenpad teacher tablet and wireless router to allow teachers to guide students through more than 500 expeditions. The Google Expeditions app is pre-loaded on the Zenpad and the Magellan devices and is configured to the router. Kits are available for purchase, or they can be acquired via a lease or lease-to-own program.

CDI also offers onsite professional development for implementing the kits to help educators with curriculum and lesson planning.

To learn more about the Google Expeditions Virtual Reality kits, visit

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