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Helping Administrators Develop Technology-Empowered Classrooms

Atomic Learning provides superintendents and principals a resource that enables the entire school community to support students in becoming college and career-ready through technology-empowered classrooms.
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Atomic Learning provides superintendents and principals a resource that enables the entire school community to support students in becoming college and career-ready through technology-empowered classrooms.

By partnering with Atomic Learning, you can help bridge the gap between school and home by providing common language on 21st Century Skills that all can embrace as well as help educators plan and transform teaching to align to the Common Core State Standards.

Atomic Learning offers the professional development tools to train teachers, and assessment tools to measure achievement of the skills needed.

Create a successful 21st century skills professional development program that will empower educators with the knowledge, training and resources needed to integrate these skills into the classroom and ultimately impact students. Learn more about the Atomic Learning solution.



Helping Districts Develop a Common Core Vision

As Education Week's "Developing a Common Core Vision" post on Learning Forward's PD Watch states: Implementing new standards is not a light-switch change... Taking adequate time in the early stages to develop a vision around which people will coalesce, understanding and building on what has worked in the past, and clarifying the assumptions that are driving decisions will save effort and resources over time and keep the focus on the desired outcome--all students ready for college and career. Atomic TechCore was developed for this purpose. Consisting of a set of customizable planning and collaborative network tools that assist administrators in identifying the professional development and technology needed for their district to be successful in meeting Common Core standards, Atomic TechCore then aids in communicating the resulting findings and implementation plans to those impacted within the district. Learn more about how the Atomic TechCore solution can help your school or district.

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Help Teachers Gain Interactive Learning Experience

Using a show-and-tell method, Atomic Learning's Atomic Integrate solution allows teachers to see first-hand how to teach 21st century skills. From professional development to classroom integration, Atomic Integrate provides a variety of just-in-time resources to empower educators with tools and training to ensure student success. CEU and graduate credit options are also available. The Teacher Assessment lets districts gauge technology skill levels and helps teachers develop personalized learning paths to incorporate 21st century skills into the classroom. Customers have found this to be a great asset to the Atomic Integrate solution. This is the only tool that I could find that provides a quality assessment of all NETS. In this day of data, it is nice to have a way to quantify the validity of what we do in the computer classroom,” said Jay, Computer Teacher at Moline School District. It’s never been easier to train on new technology and encourage classroom integration. Atomic Integrate offers a cost-effective professional development, technology integration and support solution that empowers educators to effectively utilize technology to impact student achievement. Learn more about the Atomic Integrate solution.

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Becoming an iPad Empowered Educator

Most successful initiatives are fueled by strong planning and implementation, but rooted in inspiration. The Success Stories section of the Atomic Mobilize solution shares key reflections from successful mobile programs to inspire school leaders and teachers to embrace mobile learning as an important part of a contemporary education. For example, Atomic Mobilize subscribers can follow the journey of a junior high math teacher as he embraces technology and empowers himself and his students through incorporating iPads into his classroom lessons. It has almost become an addiction, I'm always looking for new strategies, new things I can throw into the classroom to make the class more interactive. -Tim Weidmann, Avery Middle School Math Teacher, Avery, TX Whether you 're just starting to think about an 1:1 initiative or you’ve fully embraced the mobile revolution, we invite you to learn more about Atomic Mobilize.

Atomic Learning Announces Expanded Professional Development Opportunities at ISTE

Atomic Learning showcases its latest technology training at ISTE 2013 Annual Conference and Exhibition, held in San Antonio, June 23–26. The company will release six new technology training offerings to expand its resources of more than 250 education-specific software application and device tutorials. These additions highlight the most recent versions of popular programs, enabling teachers to master updated interfaces and features. Atomic Learning also will host a poster session, “It’s Not an iPad Initiative, It’s a Learning Initiative,” led by Carmen Garcia, director of instructional technology for McAllen ISD, Wednesday, June 26, at 11 a.m. CDT.

Atomic Learning Provides Critical Technology Integration Training to Support McAllen ISD Mobile Initiative

To assist in the distribution and usage of more than 22,000 mobile devices, McAllen Intermediate School District (ISD) in Texas has utilized Atomic Learning resources to train its educators and students on using the technology. A challenge-based learning initiative, Transforming Learning in the Classroom, Campus and Community, empowers McAllen students to leverage the latest technologies and learn 21st-century skills. McAllen’s subscription to Atomic Learning provides educators with step-by-step tutorials that propel classroom instruction, including project-based training, tech integration projects, tech skills assessments, and workshops on trending tech topics.

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New Course Helps Educators Align Instructional Goals with Technology

In a continued effort to help learners connect the dots between learning and life, edtech training leader Atomic Learning recently added an online course on aligning instruction to technology to its library. "By focusing on instruction and student learning, you eliminate the fear and anxiety that comes from new programs and new devices," said Ron Farrow, Educator and Atomic Learning eLearning Contributor who created the course. " the technology is targeted towards a specific goal."

Tools to help implement technology components of CCSS

Aligning curriculum to the Common Core is a major task many school leaders and teachers are working through. In this video, hear from a former district employee about a new resource to help school leaders in building and executing a solid Common Core implementation roadmap.  Learn more about Atomic Learning's Atomic TechCore solution. Learn how to transform your classroom lessons to teach Common Core State Standards in the Atomic Catalyst course starting October 11th! Register today!