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50,000 Teachers Sign Up for Problem-Attic

VALLEJO, Calif. – Feb. 25, 2014 – Problem-Attic, the online question bank for K-12 educators, announced today that its 50,000th user has signed up for free access to more than 90,000 high-quality math, science, social studies and English/language arts questions. Problem-Attic reached this milestone a little more than a year after its launch, making it one of the fastest-growing educational sites on the Web.
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Online question bank is one of the fastest-growing educational websites in the U.S. 

VALLEJO, Calif. – Feb. 25, 2014 – Problem-Attic, the online question bank for K-12 educators, announced today that its 50,000th user has signed up for free access to more than 90,000 high-quality math, science, social studies and English/language arts questions. Problem-Attic reached this milestone a little more than a year after its launch, making it one of the fastest-growing educational sites on the Web.

“Thousands of teachers now use Problem-Attic almost every day,” said Daniel Levin, President of EducAide Software, the company that built the website. “The content is very useful for both instruction and assessment. But what teachers seem most excited about is that it works with their existing classroom technology, such as interactive whiteboards, as well as laptops and handheld devices.”

The Problem-Attic question bank has a total of more than 115,000 questions that are high-level, varied and graphically rich. They come from well-respected sources, including 27 states' released tests and curriculum samples, NY Regents Exams, NAEP/TIMSS, and academic competitions. 90,000 of the questions are totally free. A subscription option gives teachers and schools access to another 25,000 specially written for Common Core math standards.

One of the largest online question banks in the world, Problem-Attic gives teachers a convenient way to select, arrange and format questions to create custom classroom materials. The program can deliver the questions in a variety of ways, such as PDFs, slideshows, and online (interactive) tests. Problem-Attic also includes many innovative technologies, like automatically resizing questions to fit on small screens and a scoring app with QR codes.

With its many content and delivery options, Problem-Attic helps bridge the gap between instruction, assessment and technology. “We are really pleased,” said Levin, “to see how many teachers use the questions in engaging ways – even flipping their classrooms. They build lessons around a video or task, then ask their students to visit Problem-Attic and choose appropriate questions for practice or to assess their understanding.”

Levin expects the number of users to continue to grow rapidly as more content appears in Problem-Attic and the service introduces more options for collaborative development, sharing of documents, and customizing the bank for a district’s or school's own curriculum. In addition, Problem-Attic will soon make available an open API to allow other programs to tap into the question bank and make use of the scoring information.

About Problem-Attic

Problem-Attic is a product of EducAide Software, which has more than 20 years’ experience developing content for standards-based instruction and assessment. During that period, the company built what may be the world's largest question database: 350,000 for nearly all grades and subject areas. Problem-Attic is its fifth-generation storage and delivery system, having evolved from a desktop application that once required two floppy disks to a program that resides totally in the cloud. EducAide's unique skills in the area of question-writing and alignment, plus data markup and conversion, made this transition possible. Now teachers can access its excellent content easily with any web-enabled device and use it to create all kinds of classroom materials, from interactive tests and quizzes to overheads, slideshows, printed worksheets, and flash cards and game cards. For more information, visit www.problem-attic.com.

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