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Mentoring Minds Launches Supplemental Curriculum, “Total Motivation,” With Groundbreaking “You Get Both” Print and Digital Model

National K-12 Publisher Develops Standards-Aligned Instructional Solution for Building Critical-Thinking Skills in Today’s Classrooms
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CHICAGO (October 23, 2014) – Mentoring Minds, a national publisher of K-12 critical-thinking educational resources, is meeting the instructional needs of U.S. teachers head on with the launch of Total Motivation™, a standards-aligned, supplemental curriculum, delivered in a groundbreaking combined print and online solution. This new instructional solution will ensure that teachers and students have access to high-quality content to help students meet rigorous standards and effectively build individual critical-thinking skills.

According to the MDR 2013 State of the K-12 Market Report, roughly 50 percent of district-level curriculum and technology directors surveyed expect to see substantial replacement of print instructional materials with digital materials in the next three years. During this transition period, classroom teachers are struggling to find quality online materials that match their favorite print materials.

“Mentoring Minds is listening to teachers and administrators across the country who are planning for the transition to digital while dealing with the realities of technology in their schools and classrooms. They tell us they are teaching in environments where they need to be able to rely on both print and online platforms to obtain the content they need to support instruction,” said Robert Bush, CEO, Mentoring Minds. “Total Motivation gives teachers the ability to be instructional designers in their classrooms by putting proven, high-quality content at their fingertips, so they can spend their time ensuring all students build the critical-thinking skills necessary to meet today’s standards and achieve academic success.”

Total Motivation removes barriers for the schools and teachers with the “You Get Both” model. Schools and districts now receive both the print and online student and teacher materials for the same base price as the print materials in the past.

Among the benefits of Total Motivation is online progress monitoring, providing real-time, visual feedback of student performance on 100 percent of content standards, allowing educators to easily identify and provide instruction to close gaps to mastery. A wide variety of reports and views will be available to educators, ranging from item analysis to standards mastery, and from the individual student to the district level, further empowering educators to make sound instructional decisions and differentiate instruction for their students.

Total Motivation combines rigorous print materials with classroom technology, allowing teachers to integrate three key tasks: instruct, practice and evaluate:

  • Instruct: Creates an integrated learning experience with critical thinking at its core. The print and online instructional strategies allow teachers to incorporate individualized instruction, adjust lesson plans and provide differentiated instruction in formats that meet the needs of students.
  • Practice: Enables teachers to divide a classroom into multiple groups and provide each group and student with the assignments and practice they need to improve academic knowledge, which is useful in classrooms without a 1:1 student-to-technology ratio.

§ Evaluate: Helps to identify learning gaps, track student progress to the individual standard level and inform instruction. Teachers can quickly analyze the students mastering specific standards, the students gaining understanding and the students requiring interventions.

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