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Shmoop Launches SAT II Spanish and SAT II Spanish with Listening Test Prep

Shmoop announces the launch of new online test prep resources designed to prepare students for the SAT Spanish exam scheduled for June 2. The guide for SAT II Spanish and SAT II Spanish with Listening includes hundreds of explanations, examples and exercises. In addition, students can get ready for testing day with eight full-length practice exams, 160 practice problems and 70 additional grammar problems – all with real-time feedback and explanations.
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (May 10, 2012) – The school year is almost over, and if that wasn’t enough of an excuse to celebrate, here’s some news to put one more feather in your party hat. Shmoop is here to help you get your SAT Spanish test prep on. Do we know how to have let it all hang out, or what? Okay, so studying for an exam may not be some people’s idea of a rockin’ good time, but we’re running with this bull. Toro!

June 2nd (aka the next time you can take the SAT Spanish exam) is right around the corner. But no miedo, por favor, check out our SAT Spanish and SAT Spanish with Listening exams, test practice that will keep you up at night. In a good way. Los invitamos.

We believe that test prep should be: a) boring; b) snooze-button boring; c) texting-and-on-facebook-boring; or d) fun and fast-paced. If you guessed “d,” you passed! You’re already 1-for-1 and you haven’t even sharpened your pencil yet!

Main stops on the SAT Spanish express:

  1. Have fun with examples that you won’t find anywhere else. Let’s see, how to write an essay. Step 1: Build your own Frankenstein monster. Step 2: Capture King Kong. Godzilla – you wanna get in on this?
  2. Because the party never stops, we also have flying around hundreds of explanations, examples and exercises on every section and type of question that you need to know for the exams. Some of them fly a little low, so watch your head.
  3. Aaah, what a beautiful day! It’s sunny, your friends want to go out, you got to sleep in…buuuuuuut, you’re stuck at home prepping to take the SATs. We bet you could think of at least 238 things you’d rather be doing right now. Hey – we came up with the same number! 8 Full-Length Timed SAT II Spanish and SAT II Spanish with Listening Practice Tests, 160 Practice Problems (with on-the-spot feedback and explanations) and 70 additional Grammar Problems (also with explanations).
  4. I need more coverage. We hear you loud and clear. We can help you ninja kick every section of the exams – 3 on SAT Spanish and 6 on Spanish with Listening. To keep them company, we’ve snuck in a grammar review with 15 categories to convert you into a grammar guru. Yep… some gurus do ninja kicks.
  5. Flexing your mental muscles. We know, we know, life can get pretty crazy. We’ve designed our guides to be as flexible as you need them to be. Make your way through them at your own pace and at the times that work for you! And there is always a rewind button: you can retake any and all sections to mejorar your understanding and final scores. Don’t forget to also hit the record button, so you don’t forget all this stuff.

Shmoop SAT II Spanish and SAT II Spanish with Listening. Time to get the fiesta started (without letting it turn into a siesta).

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