Help! Our Students All Have iPads: Now What?

Have you done a school or district iPad implementation? Now that all the logistics are somewhat under control, are your teachers struggling with how to effectively utilize iPads in the classroom? Join this webinar to learn how to set your teachers up for success.
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Have you done a school or district iPad implementation? Now that all the logistics are somewhat under control, are your teachers struggling with how to effectively utilize iPads in the classroom? Join this webinar to learn how to set your teachers up for success by providing them resources on:

  • 21st Century Student Assessment using Filmmaking
  • 21st Century Student Assessment using Animation
  • 21st Century Student Assessment using Podcasting workshop
  • Authentic Assessment using iPads

Help! Our Students All Have iPads: Now What?

Thursday, December 13, 2012 | 1:00 CST

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ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Brad Flickinger has been an elementary, middle, and high school teacher, as well as director of technology, which gives him a perspective of teaching all ages of students and what it is like at both the classroom and district levels.

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He focuses on designing technology curriculum for students from kindergarten to the middle school level. Brad is an educational futurist who specializes in teaching tech skills to students, teachers and administrators by showing simple and easy tricks to incorporate and integrate technology into everyday lessons. He works with schools to inspire teachers to use these tech skills to energize and engage students. In addition, he is a consultant and speaker who gives workshops, seminars and conferences to educators on how to do what he does.

Brad is the technology teacher at Bethke Elementary School in Timnath, Colorado.



Authentic Student Assessment Using iPads

With more and more schools using iPads®, many teachers are left wondering how to adapt their instruction to take full advantage of these new devices. In this new Atomic Mobilize online training workshop, you will follow Brad Flickinger, a Colorado Tech Teacher, as he uses iPads to assess his students' learning. This workshop is based on the principles of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and is relevant and adaptable for teachers of all age levels and subjects. He even explains how other tablets can be used instead of iPads. Flickinger believes that for the highest levels of learning to occur, the assessments must be authentic - something that if used correctly, the iPad can accomplish. If you're an Atomic Mobilize customer, see all the resources in this new workshop here. If you'd like to learn more about this workshop and how the Atomic Mobilize solution can help your school or district with your mobile initiative, check out this preview video.

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Supporting the use of iPads in the Classroom - Webinar Archive

How are you using iPads in the classroom? As an administrator, do you need help figuring out how to support teachers? If so, check out the archive of Atomic Learning’s free webinar “Help! MyStudents All Have iPads: Now What?” with Brad Flickinger. To keep the story moving, connect with the Atomic Learning User Group in Edmodo. We want to hear your story—what’s working, what isn’t? How can we join forces to make iPad implementations more successful? This energetic presentation is the beginning of the conversation, not the end of a lecture. We look forward to collaborating with you soon! Photo Credit: BigStockPhoto Handicapped-person-at-work-wit-30325076

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Have you Flipped Yet?

A recent article on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) website discusses how flipping your classroom can be an effective method in To Flip or Not to Flip: That is NOT the Question!If you're not sure how to start, Atomic Learning can help, check out the Effective Presentation Design Workshop if your students have a presentation opportunity in the future.

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Why iPads are Important in Education

A recent blog post on discusses from a parent perspective why iPads (or mobile devices in general) are positively impacting education."It is not what the technology can do that makes it important, it is the way it has re-ignited passion and ideas in teachers."If your school or district is piloting an iPad initiative or considering a 1:1 mobile learning program, don't go it alone. Learn from other school leaders and educators who have gone through it and learn from their success, The Atomic Mobilize solution is a repository of online professional development resources and planning tools focusing on helping educators realize the full potential mobile devices provide in the classroom. Atomic Mobilize includes not only PD and planning tools, but also stories, examples and resources from fellow educators that illustrate how mobile devices can transform education and create highly personalized learning experiences for students. Whether you're just starting to think about or you've fully embraced the mobile revolution, we invite you to learn more about Atomic Mobilize by requesting more information.

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Help Teachers Gain Interactive Learning Experience

Using a show-and-tell method, Atomic Learning's Atomic Integrate solution allows teachers to see first-hand how to teach 21st century skills. From professional development to classroom integration, Atomic Integrate provides a variety of just-in-time resources to empower educators with tools and training to ensure student success. CEU and graduate credit options are also available. The Teacher Assessment lets districts gauge technology skill levels and helps teachers develop personalized learning paths to incorporate 21st century skills into the classroom. Customers have found this to be a great asset to the Atomic Integrate solution. This is the only tool that I could find that provides a quality assessment of all NETS. In this day of data, it is nice to have a way to quantify the validity of what we do in the computer classroom,” said Jay, Computer Teacher at Moline School District. It’s never been easier to train on new technology and encourage classroom integration. Atomic Integrate offers a cost-effective professional development, technology integration and support solution that empowers educators to effectively utilize technology to impact student achievement. Learn more about the Atomic Integrate solution.

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Transform Classroom Learning with iPads

In a recent article on, experienced administrator Ben Johnson shares how he feels the iPad can transform classroom learning. Computers allowed students to word process rather than type, to do media presentations instead of show and tell, to find information on the Internet instead of encyclopedias, and to graph data electronically instead of with magic markers. Teachers depend on computers to do the same, as well as using interactive whiteboards to increase the effectiveness of presentations. The iPad can do all these things, along with many other capabilities, and it is super portable, and that might make all the difference." As you enter into the mobile learning realm, you're without a doubt thinking about this topic. Atomic Learning has developed the Atomic Mobilize solution to help educators realize the full potential mobile devices provide in the classroom. No matter what stage of brining mobile devices in the classroom you're at, Atomic Mobilize can help. Learn more.

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Becoming an iPad Empowered Educator

Most successful initiatives are fueled by strong planning and implementation, but rooted in inspiration. The Success Stories section of the Atomic Mobilize solution shares key reflections from successful mobile programs to inspire school leaders and teachers to embrace mobile learning as an important part of a contemporary education. For example, Atomic Mobilize subscribers can follow the journey of a junior high math teacher as he embraces technology and empowers himself and his students through incorporating iPads into his classroom lessons. It has almost become an addiction, I'm always looking for new strategies, new things I can throw into the classroom to make the class more interactive. -Tim Weidmann, Avery Middle School Math Teacher, Avery, TX Whether you 're just starting to think about an 1:1 initiative or you’ve fully embraced the mobile revolution, we invite you to learn more about Atomic Mobilize.

The No. 1 Classroom Management Software Now Supports Student iPads

Netop introduces version 8 of Vision and Vision Pro with support for iPad classrooms and BYOD in schoolsPortland, Ore. (April 23, 2013) – Netop, the worldwide leader in classroom management software, announced the release of version 8 of Vision and Vision Pro today. The first in a series of new features designed to support smart devices, version 8 of Vision and Vision Pro enables teachers to demo from their PC to any web-enabled student device, including iPads, Androids, Chromebooks, Macs, and PCs.