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Recognize PD Efforts

Budget cuts, limited time, and limited resources often make finding the right professional development suitable to the diverse needs of districts challenging. Atomic Learning's research-driven solutions provide educators the means to reflect on what they have learned to best integrate the lessons-learned into their classroom, and the ability to showcase their skills in the classroom.  Want to learn more about these solutions? Atomic IntegrateAtomic TechCoreAtomic MobilizeAtomic CatalystAtomic Assist  
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According to the article Providing Credit for Teacher Online PD Efforts from Education Week, one of the challenges with online professional development is verifying that teachers are learning.

Atomic Learning solutions are job-embedded, often with immediate impact to the classroom. Each solution offered in our product suite provides artifacts of learning, be it the professional development workbook and certificates of completion offered with many Atomic Learning solutions, or the feedback provided by the facilitators of Atomic Catalyst’s instructor-led online courses.

Budget cuts, limited time, and limited resources often make finding the right professional development suitable to the diverse needs of districts challenging. Our research-driven solutions provide educators the means to reflect on what they have learned to best integrate the lessons-learned into their classroom, and the ability to showcase their skills in the classroom.

Want to learn more about these solutions?

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iPad Initiatives Need PD

A recent blog post entitled "Best Practices for Deploying iPads in Schools"  gives advice to schools embarking on an iPad initiative. While the article gives some great ideas for a successful implementation, the resounding conclusion prevails: Without professional development and a set plan in place, educators in individual classes might be stumped by how to set up iPads for different uses. This is why Atomic Learning created the Atomic Mobilize solution, a repository of online professional development resources and planning tools focusing on helping educators realize the full potential mobile devices provide in the classroom. What Atomic Mobilize Includes:     Planning for Success     Logistics     Ensuring Effective PD     Leading Change     Teaching Life Skills     Classroom Management Strategies     5 Minutes to Success     Success Stories     Adapting a Lesson     Additional Lesson Ideas & Training

Simplifying the Delivery of PD for PD Directors

Complete with a custom training tool that allows for uploading and sharing of training specific to a district or school, as well as a comprehensive reporting system that tracks individual activity, Atomic Learning expands training opportunities and simplifies the delivery of professional development. Learn more about the Atomic Learning solution.

Extend the Reach of Media Specialists' and Instructional Tech Specialists' Efforts

With over 205 classroom-ready tech integration projects that can be filtered by subject, grade-level or state standard, Atomic Learning extends the Technology Integrator’s impact, and is a valuable resource to direct teachers to. With its anytime, anywhere platform, the teachers can learn new skills at their own pace. Workshops help teachers learn how to effectively integrate technology in the classroom, while the classroom-ready projects help jumpstart the integration. The Atomic Learning resources can be used as basis for, or to augment, training sessions.

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Mobile Learning PD Course Offers Educators Classroom Projects and Lessons

Everywhere you look someone is using a mobile device. So, it's no surprise that educators are needing to embrace these technologies as tools to impact teaching & learning. The "Going Mobile" course will expose teachers to a variety of tools and strategies to get the most out of mobile devices in the classroom. There's still time to join the Atomic Catalyst course starting on October 29! This Instructor-Led Online PD Course focuses on developing strategies for including portable computing devices in classroom projects and lessons, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad™, and other cell phones and mobile computing platforms. These devices enable real time communication and feedback, as well as access to textbooks and reference sources. More importantly, they open the door to educational innovations that take advantage of ubiquitous, "always on" computing and communication. October 29—December 3, 2012* | Weekly Webinar: Mondays, 6pm-7pm CST Register now. *Other dates avaiable, visit to see the full schedule. If your school or district is embarking on a mobile initiative, learn from others who have been there, done that. Check out the Atomic Mobilize solution.

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Survey Shows Parents and Teachers Agree: More Technology, Please

According to a recent survey by the Learning Education by Advancing Digital Commission, both teachers and parents want a greater emphasis on technology in the classroom. Additionally, both groups see technology will grow to be more important in the next ten years. What does more technology in the classroom look like? How should technology be implemented to make it enhance education rather than distract students from learning? Is there a systemic change happening to make sure that the changes are deeper than using a white board to show a power point rather than using a projector? Technology enables educators to push educational limits, but figuring out how to make that happen can be very challenging. Atomic Learning provides an extensive variety of professional development to meet your technology and curriculum initiatives. Atomic Learning solutions can help districts with the tricky aspects of embedding technology in the classroom. Learn more.

Atomic Learning Showcases New LTI Tool at EDUCAUSE

Atomic Learning is showcasing its new Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) feature at EDUCAUSE in Anaheim, Calif. The LTI Tool allows professors to embed the Atomic Learning search library within their learning management systems (LMS) and easily integrate videos into courses. In addition, the company will discuss its latest higher education case study, which addresses how a professor Fresno Pacific University in California used Atomic Learning’s video tutorials to flip his classroom.

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Curriculum Directors: Engage Lesson Plans with Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning’s direct linking feature helps Curriculum Directors and educators with lesson planning; they are able to include tutorials in lessons for students to learn anytime, anywhere.  This training supports students with varying levels of technology skills and the ability to learn through flipped classrooms. With Atomic Learning, Curriculum Directors are able to infuse educators with the confidence to integrate technologies into their teaching, learning and assessments. Learn more about the Atomic Learning solution.

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Help Teachers Gain Interactive Learning Experience

Using a show-and-tell method, Atomic Learning's Atomic Integrate solution allows teachers to see first-hand how to teach 21st century skills. From professional development to classroom integration, Atomic Integrate provides a variety of just-in-time resources to empower educators with tools and training to ensure student success. CEU and graduate credit options are also available. The Teacher Assessment lets districts gauge technology skill levels and helps teachers develop personalized learning paths to incorporate 21st century skills into the classroom. Customers have found this to be a great asset to the Atomic Integrate solution. This is the only tool that I could find that provides a quality assessment of all NETS. In this day of data, it is nice to have a way to quantify the validity of what we do in the computer classroom,” said Jay, Computer Teacher at Moline School District. It’s never been easier to train on new technology and encourage classroom integration. Atomic Integrate offers a cost-effective professional development, technology integration and support solution that empowers educators to effectively utilize technology to impact student achievement. Learn more about the Atomic Integrate solution.