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Funds For Learning Debuts New E-rate Manager Packages

Funds For Learning, the nation’s largest E-rate compliance firm, today announced expanded user package options for the award-winning E-rate Manager® tool. The new packages will give E-rate Manager users the ability to select from three feature-specific packages that will best serve the size and scope of the user.
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E-rate Manager customers will now have the option of selecting between three levels of service and features that best serve their E-rate needs

Edmond, Okla. (June 25, 2012)Funds For Learning, the nation’s largest E-rate compliance firm, today announced expanded user package options for the award-winning E-rate Manager® tool. The new packages will give E-rate Manager users the ability to select from three feature-specific packages that will best serve the size and scope of the user.

“We felt we needed to expand user options to address the needs and wants of our customers,” said Cathy Cruzan, president of Funds For Learning. “The new user tiers provide greater flexibility, and the restructured features have further streamlined the software.”

The new E-rate Manager tier structure offers three levels of features, ranging from a basic package that includes E-rate funding reports and form statuses to a professional package that gives users an all-inclusive feature list, including the ability to prepare and submit E-rate forms as well as cloud storage to store forms and documents. All three levels will offer 24-hour access to critical E-rate data, reports and compliance tools.

“We are always looking to improve the interface, features and overall experience of E-rate Manager,” said Cruzan. “These improvements often start with customer feedback, and that was the case with these changes. We wanted to expand options without losing the quality users have grown to expect from E rate Manager.”

Schools and libraries turn to E-rate Manager for assistance with their E-rate funding requests and commitments. The web-based tool enables applicants to generate E-rate forms and paperwork, track pending applications, receive notifications of upcoming deadlines and stay compliant with document retention requirements.

Service providers rely on E-rate Manager to identify sales opportunities and monitor E-rate related business. E-rate Manager gives vendors fast and easy access to multiple years of E-rate funding information and streamlines the preparation of E-rate payment paperwork.

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About Funds For Learning
Funds For Learning, LLC, is an E-rate compliance firm specializing in guiding E-rate applicants and service providers through the complex and ever-changing E-rate regulatory process. With more than 150 combined years of experience in providing professional advice and assistance relating to the E-rate program, Funds For Learning exists to provide high-quality solutions for the needs of E-rate stakeholders. The company was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Edmond, Okla. For more information, visit or phone 405-341-4140.

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Funds For Learning Announces Mobile Version of E-rate Manager

Funds For Learning announces the latest update to its award-winning E-rate Manager service. E-rate Manager for Mobile enables iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry users the opportunity to quickly and easily track funding data on the go. Building on the success of the E-rate Manager for iPhone application, the mobile version of E‑rate Manager provides simple site navigation and instant access to the most up‑to‑date E‑rate funding information. Whether in the office or on location at different schools within a district, E‑rate Manager for Mobile offers users convenient 24-hour access to their E-rate data.

Funds For Learning Shares New Vision for the E-rate Program

Funds For Learning, the nation’s largest E-rate compliance services firm, proposes a vision that would enable the E-rate program to have a critical impact for years to come. The firm emphasizes increased funding, simplified processes and a solutions-minded approach to reform. Funds For Learning proposed a new discount budget system, which would allow applicants to foresee the maximum amount of discounts they could request.

Funds For Learning Launches Website Redesign, E-rate Filing Window Survival Kit

Funds For Learning announces the release of a redesigned website that offers users easy navigation and a searchable repository of valuable E-rate-related information. The improved interface creates a seamless transition between the new website and E-rate Manager, enabling users to move from the E-rate help center on the website, to the forms and applications found on E-rate Manager with no disruption. In honor of the launch, Funds For Learning is offering free "E-rate Filing Window Survival Kits" for E-rate coordinators. Intended to help reduce the stress E-rate applicants often experience during the E-rate filing window, the kits feature stress-reducing items such as stress balls and chocolate candies.

Funds For Learning Makes Case for Translating Vision to Action in E-rate Reform

Funds For Learning®, the nation’s largest E-rate compliance services firm, briefed the media this week on President Obama’s ConnectED initiative and the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) recent E-rate Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM). John D. Harrington, CEO of Funds For Learning, explained that while the vision of reform is easy to understand, translating that vision to action is more challenging. Funds For Learning estimates network and connectivity upgrades necessary to adequately connect U.S. schools would cost billions, given current pricing models, but there are a number of ways raising the E-rate funding cap could happen.

Funds For Learning Reveals Initial Insights to E-rate Program Impact promo image

Funds For Learning Reveals Initial Insights to E-rate Program Impact

Funds For Learning (@FFL), the leading E-rate experts, recently conducted its annual, nationwide survey to get feedback from applicants on the E-rate program. Amidst recent political and FCC changes, the survey found that 87 percent of respondents said the E-rate program remains a vital resource for their schools and libraries. 

Funds For Learning Proposes Plan to Meet E-rate Program Demands

The release of the Funds For Learning E-rate 2.0 Proposal comes on the heels of the USAC demand estimate for Funding Year 2013. Total demand is estimated at $4.98 billion, the third highest in the history of the E-rate program. The demand for Priority One services exceeds the funding cap for the entire program, leaving the $2.27 billion requested for Priority Two services in doubt. The Funds For Learning E-rate 2.0 Proposal restructures the current program, calling for an increase in available funds while basing amount of monies received on a per-student basis. The plan also enables schools to choose their own priorities for E-rate funds.

Funds For Learning Survey Reveals Priorities of E-rate Applicants

As a follow-up to a survey conducted in 2008-09, Funds For Learning has released results from its national 2012 Survey of E-rate Applicants. The results indicate a continued reliance on E-rate funding, particularly for broadband connectivity. In fact, 42 percent of respondents say Internet access is the most important category of service in the E-rate program. Approximately 90 percent of respondents indicate that E-rate funding is critical to their success, but only 30 percent believe the program is adequately funded. Responses were gathered over two months, and the aggregate results will be shared with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in hopes of positively influencing E-rate policy.