Adams 12 Five Star Schools Partners with PublicSchoolWORKS to Provide Employees with Online Staff Safety Training

Adams 12 Five Star Schools Partners with PublicSchoolWORKS to Provide Employees with Online Staff Safety Training

Cincinnati, OH (October 10, 2018) — This school year, 2,000 Adams 12 Five Star Schools employees will complete their staff safety training online, thanks to the district’s new contract with PublicSchoolWORKS, the number one provider of complete, online safety and regulatory compliance programs for K-12 schools. Operational staff, including transportation, nutrition, maintenance, and security employees, as well as nurses, early childhood instructors, and more will be using the online courses from PublicSchoolWORKS.

The Five Star District is not new to online staff training, however. The district chose PublicSchoolWORKS because of its increased offerings and its outstanding customer service after having access to free online staff safety training when it was a member of the Adams County BOCES. The district is now self-insured and uses PublicSchoolWORKS as its online training provider.

“I have more flexibility with PublicSchoolWORKS,” said Chris Wilderman, Director of Safe & Sustainable Environments at the Five Star District. “We can assign out-of-the-box training to all of our operations employees, we can assign courses to specific employees based on their responsibilities or the time of year, and we can even deploy customized training courses – all in the same system.”

Employees no longer have to complete courses irrelevant to them. For example, while maintenance employees may need to use a bucket truck and thus need safety training, custodians will most likely never use a bucket truck. Also, instead of completing Slips, Trips, and Falls training in August like is typical practice, the district is deploying it in November – just before winter weather hits and the risk of slip-related injuries increases. The Five Star District has also incorporated courses it has created, such as training on its safety and security protocols, and state-specific courses, such as asbestos safety, into the online system.

When training is assigned, the online system automatically emails employees a link to their training courses. Leading up to the designated deadline, employees receive automated reminders to complete their training and designated administrators receive a report of employees who have not completed training so they can follow up directly. All training transcripts are saved online in the PublicSchoolWORKS system, which makes it easy to reference all training records.

This year, the Five Star District is deploying online training for 2,000 of its 5,000 employees, but plans to onboard more staff to the online system in the coming years.

“In addition to a great product that fits our needs, I haven’t met a company that’s more on top of their customer service than PublicSchoolWORKS,” said Wilderman. “I have direct numbers and they are super responsive. If I don’t reach someone, I get a call back immediately.”

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