Kid Vision: Google Expeditions

A couple weeks ago, the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program stopped by our schools. Students in both our schools, a few hundred in grades first through eighth grade, got to try out Google Expeditions and give feedback on their experience.

I first tried Google Expeditions about six months ago and thought it was cool, but didn’t see the big classroom appeal. After seeing the updates and watching my kids and teachers use Expeditions, I’m sold on the concept. Google Expeditions isn’t and shouldn’t be thought of as a replacement for real class trips or career day, but I think it is a great way to enhance a lesson and expose students to careers and places they may never get to “see.”

The proposed updates – video and sound – will go a long way in taking the Expedition experience to the next level. That being said, I’ll be interested to see if Expeditions can be as exciting the tenth time students use it as the first time because, boy, did they think Expeditions was exciting! If Expeditions can capture students’ excitement like in the video below, Tweeted by our amazing elementary school principal, every time a kid puts on the goggles, they’ve nailed it.

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If you’ve missed it, I’ve started a project in my schools where I strap a GoPro on a student’s head during an innovative lesson so we can see what it was like through their eyes. In the latest Kid Vision below, you will see Ms. Ohe take her students on a trip to some of the famous places they’ve been learning about in class while Julian, from Google, and I provide support and troubleshoot. The video ends with students providing Julian with feedback on how Expeditions can be made even better. Enjoy!

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