Class Tech Tips: Comprehensive Advanced Placement® Program to Support AP® Success

Class Tech Tips: Comprehensive Advanced Placement® Program to Support AP® Success

Students in an Advanced Placement® program can benefit from support outside of the classroom. These tests have high expectations for student mastery of content and can be overwhelming if students aren’t prepared appropriately. McGraw-Hill Education has designed a comprehensive, three‑step, Advanced Placement Program solution to support students. The AP advantage program suite includes personalized resources for students to use throughout their time before class starts, throughout the course, and working up to the AP exam.

This program includes three components. The first is ONboard™ which provides AP course preparation to help students build a foundation of knowledge and skills before their class even begins. The second step is Connect®, a web-based assignment and assessment platform that features adaptive learning technology to help students master course content. The final section is SCOREboard™ which uses adaptive learning technology to review each student’s content knowledge and identify gaps in student learning. It also includes complete practice tests that match the question type, timing, and scoring of the actual AP Exams.

Learn more about AP advantage by visiting their website and checking out this overview video!

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