Share Text and Images

Share Text and Images

If you are looking for an easy and a quick way to share your text, embed videos and your pictures online with others, then join me as I take a look at: Just Paste It.

Once you go to the tool, start writing your text or paste it from somewhere else. As you write your text, you can add as many pictures as you like, you can give links, embed videos using the HTML editor. Your work is automatically backed up every 3 minutes so you don’t need to worry about losing your content.

When you are done, click on the “Publish” button and you can get a shortened link to view what you have written. You also get another link if you would like to make further edits on your published text. You can also mail your text to others. The best thing is that you can also download your documents as PDF files. You can check how many people have viewed your published text.

As this tool doesn’t require you to get an account to create your published text, it can be a good choice for students to use in any level.

We can ask students to write stories or essays and share them with us and others in the classroom. We can paste a text, videos and pictures and put the link on the worksheet to share or to work with our students. As the published page can be edited anytime, we can write a class story with our students as well.

Hit the link to try this cool tool today.

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