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Science and Poetry Writing Prompts

Science and Poetry Writing Prompts

Veins across the world

light from the kite in the storm

Earth’s nervous system

Sci-ku by Emma Hartley, aged 17

Everyone should be a budding scientist. Our students should be curious, experiment, explore, and conduct research in their everyday lives. One reason why many students feel science is beyond them or overwhelming is because they don’t make an emotional connection to the science. In celebration of National Poetry month, I have created a visual science poetry calendar to inspire students to write science poems. I did this with Google Calendar and Thinglink. Feel free to make a copy of my digital calendar shown below and edit as you wish for any subject. You can add your own title and image. Add homework challenges, writing prompts, lesson starters, or resources for students to explore.

Create a Digital Calendar

To create your own interactive digital calendar:

  1. Go to my Google Calendar Template and make a copy. Below, see tabs for May to December 2016. Edit the calendar as you need.
  2. Take a screenshot of the calendar so it is a jpg or png image.
  3. Upload this image to ThingLink.
  4. Add your prompts, challenges, missions, experiments, readings, or sites to explore.

Challenge: Create your own digital calendar to inspire students to explore your topic in meaningful ways.

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