Class Tech Tips: Five New York Hall of Science Apps

Class Tech Tips: Five New York Hall of Science Apps

The New York Hall of Science has five apps for iPads that are perfect for students exploring the world around them! The science apps come with lots of resources for teachers including lessons and tips. Each one is independent but all can work together to help students explore science concepts in the real world.

  • Playground Physics: Designed for middle and high school students, Playground Physics helps users explore physics in the real world. Students record a video of someone moving and tap points to trace a path of motion. With Playground Physics students can take their own videos or use stock videos to trace paths of motion.
  • Fraction Mash: This app lets students break pictures into fractional parts to mash up two pictures. It’s a great way to spark conversations about fractions as students interact with math concepts on their screen.
  • Choreo Graph: Students can use Choreo Graph to explore a range of geometric concepts. With this app students create animations and move pieces across the screen.
  • Volumize: With Volumize students can build three-dimensional models of objects in the real world. Students can move shapes across the screen to explore surface area and volume of different shapes.
  • Size Wize: Students can explore ratios and proportions through photography using the Size Wize app. With this app students snap pictures and manipulate perspectives of objects in the photograph.

These apps can be used with the lesson plans hosted on the New York Hall of Science’s website or recommended to students to explore outside of the classroom. It provides inspiration for hands-on activities and demonstrates connections to the real world.

Visit these apps on the Apple App Store using the links above or check out the New York Hall of Science’s website to learn more!

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