11 Comic Creation Web Tools and Apps

11 Comic Creation Web Tools and Apps

In comics you see the drawing, you see words, you see rhythm, you see the story.” - Lorenzo Mattotti

Students enjoy learning with comics and creating them. Comics help students visualize their learning. I’ve gotten students to create comics to illustrate logical fallacies, summarize articles, provide instructions, and express themselves. The frames break up the content into chunks, which helps their brains make sense of the material. Below are my favorite free educational comic creation tools and apps. These tools provide learners with a library of characters, props, scenes, speech bubbles, and templates. Find tips and ideas in my slide presentation, Teaching with Comics.

Teaching with Comics! Tools & Apps from Shelly Sanchez Terrell

  • Make Beliefs Comix– (Web/iPad) Create two, three and four panel comics in multiple languages. No registration required. Also find 350+ free printables for teachers.
  • ToonDoo – allows students to share their comics, comment on other comics, and even save and edit a copy of a comic.
  • Comics Head– (iOS/Android) Students add their own images or can choose from their library of characters, backdrops, and speech bubbles. Students can draw in the comic. With the paid version, students can add audio narration.
  • Friendstrip– (iOS/Android) Frames set and students can fill in the story.
  • Pixton– (Web/iOS/Android) Has a library of characters, frames, and backgrounds.
  • Book Creator–(iOS/Android) templates to create digital comic books and graphic novels.
  • Marvel– Create comic strips and books with Marvel characters.
  • Witty Comics– Great for political cartoons. Simple and easy to use. No registration required.
  • Garfield– You can create comic strips or books with Garfield characters.
  • StoryBoardThat– Create comics or storyboards.
  • Lomics (iOS) create comic style videos.

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