Class Tech Tips: 24 Hour of Code Resources for Teachers and Schools

Does your school participate in the Hour of Code each December? Looking to integrate computer science into the school day all year long? Here are a handful of my favorite resources for computer science and coding. Teachers who are ready to jump into the Hour of Code or looking for inspiration as they design a new curriculum will find lots to choose from on this list. If you have a favorite listed here or one you think should be added to the list, share your story in the comments at the bottom of the post.

  1. Hour of Code‘s website is a great place to get started if you want to learn about this event.
  2.’s YouTube channel has lots of videos to explore.
  3. 4 Terrific Tips for Teachers New to Coding will help you get started with coding and shows how Pythonroom can be used with students.
  4. 5 Ways to Maximize Hour of Code gives tips for educators who want to make the most of this special week.
  5. Coda Game is a coding app for iPads that gives students the power to create their own games with visual code blocks.
  6. Kids’n’Code is an app for iPads where students solve puzzles as they learn about coding by identifying patterns and working their way through different problems.
  7. Coding Games in Scratch is a book for children with little to no coding experience.
  8. Daisy the Dinosaur (opens in new tab) lets young students get started exploring coding on iPads.
  9. Hopscotch is a terrific app that lets students complete challenges and design their own games.
  10. Khan Academy has a handful of videos that can help students explore computer programming at different levels.
  11. How-To Start a Coding Club (opens in new tab) shares tips for using Codeacademy in after school programs.
  12. Resources for Parents can help bridge the gap between what is happening in school and what’s going on at home.
  13. Coding Tutorials 360 has a YouTube channel full of videos for students looking for answers to their coding questions.
  14. Classroom is targeted at skilled high school or higher-ed computer science teachers that are able to create their own coding curriculum and automatic grading programs.
  15. Pythonroom is a fantastic online platform for teachers who want to bring coding into the classroom but don’t know how to code.
  16. Coding in the Common Core shows the connections between the national standards and computer science education.
  17. StudioWeb is an online educational resource designed for educators so they can easily access video training courses on computer literacy.
  18. Scratch from MIT is a web resource with tons of options for children to explore.
  19. Swifty is an iOS app that includes quick tutorials to introduce users to the Swift programing language.
  20. Kodable introduces basic programming skills to students as it pushes them to problem solve and work through different levels.
  21. Coding for Kindergarteners shares tips for introducing coding to the youngest students in your school.
  22. Tynker is a fantastic tool for educators that makes computer programming fun for students in grades 3-8.
  23. 9 Reasons to Try Classroom Coding Curriculum provides information on this fantastic coding program.
  24. Life After the Hour of Code shows you how to extend this special week of coding to everyday school programming.

BONUS: Check out Swift Playgrounds (opens in new tab) and Apple’s special resources!

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Monica Burns is a fifth grade teacher in a 1:1 iPad classroom. Visit her website at for creative education technology tips and technology lesson plans aligned to the Common Core Standards.