Class Tech Tips: 360 Video Education Spotlight: White House Virtual Field Trip

Class Tech Tips: 360 Video Education Spotlight: White House Virtual Field Trip

If you’re a regular follower of you know how excited I am about virtual reality in education. It’s been so much fun to see this space grow by leaps and bounds over the past few months. I recently came across a 360 video that provides a narrated tour of the White House. Instantly glued to my screen I moved my finger over the trackpad on my laptop to look up, down and side to side to get a panoramic view of different rooms during this White House Virtual Field Trip.

This 360 Video posted by the White House on Facebook is a great example of virtual reality storytelling. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama take you on a tour through different parts of the White House as they discuss their own experiences and the rich history of this building. The music and lighting were really impressive and I can only imagine what it would look like if I had a headset on to really immerse myself in this experience.

How might you use a White House Virtual Field Trip in your classroom?

Taking students on field trips was one of my favorite parts of teaching elementary school in New York City. From the Museum of Modern Art to the Top of the Rock I covered a lot of ground with students during my time in the classroom. Virtual field trips like this 360 video, can transport students to places they just might not be able to visit with you during the school year. Although standing in front of the gates of the White House is a powerful experience, I have to say I was completely entranced with the storytelling component of this video.

This tour of the White House could be shared with the whole class on an interactive whiteboard. There are plenty of moments to pause and talk about some of things you see and hear as you explore. You might include this video in a discussion on national symbols, the War of 1812, or connect what you see to events that take place in a historical fiction novel or class read aloud.

Take a look at the video below on a Chrome browser to get started on your own White House Virtual Field Trip!

“This house belongs to you, and to every American. For eight years, just a short chapter in the long story of our democracy, my family also had the privilege of calling the White House home.” —President Obama. Join the President and the First Lady for a preview of a 360° tour of the White House taking you into some of the most historic rooms of the People’s House, from the Situation Room to the Oval Office. (Created by Félix & Paul Studios and Oculus)