Class Tech Tips: London Virtual Reality: 360 Video Tour for Students

Class Tech Tips: London Virtual Reality: 360 Video Tour for Students

My goal of sharing and capturing 360 video continues with today’s posts! There are a fantastic series of videos from The Telegraph, perfect for taking students on a virtual reality tour of London. With these resources students can explore a range of places and hear stories from different spots in the United Kingdom.

YouTube hosts dozens of videos from the folks at The Telegraph including a handful of 360 videos that give users a virtual reality tour. One of the videos I’d like to spotlight lets students take a tour of the Tower of London.

When might you use these London virtual reality videos?

Students can open up The Telegraph’s videos on a Chrome browser or on their mobile device to view on Google Cardboard. If you haven’t used a Google Cardboard before you can learn more about it in this popular post that includes a handful of extra resources. These videos can help introduce students to a new place (like the Tower of London) before a history lesson or to bring the events of informational text or a piece of literature to life. Just imagine your students are reading a story which takes place during the reign of Henry VIII. With a virtual reality tour of the Tower of London students can see what this notable space looks like today.

In addition to connecting to course content, these videos also help students learn about life in a different corner of the world. On The Telegraph’s YouTube channel you’ll find other videos to choose from if you’re interested in taking students on a virtual reality tour of London.

I’m headed to London in a few weeks to speak at EdTechXEurope so you can be sure I will post lots of my own 360 video recordings from my trip abroad. This week, I’ve added a new 360 video to my Facebook page capturing a favorite spot in New York City. During this video I walked, talked, and tried not to trip and fall as I made my way through the new PATH station at the World Trade Center. I loved capturing this spot with my 360 camera because you can look up, down and all around in this space. Click here to check out my 360 video from this week.

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