Occupational Therapy Apps by Vicki Windman

As the iPad continues to take off in so many directions for students with special needs, we now have apps to assist students with their fine motor, visual motor, tracking, motor planning, figure ground, bilateral coordination, visual sequential memory, coordination speed, range of motion of wrists and forearms and visual attention.

Dexteria $4.99 - Set of therapeutic hand exercises (not games) that improve fine motor skills and handwriting readiness in children.

Magic Shoes $1.99 - Tying shoelaces can be a very difficult task for children and young adults who have fine motor weakness. This app gives step-by-step instructions, with video collections.

SuperSearch 60 $.99 - For students 8 years and up. Not only are they playing a game, but also working on their visual motor, fine motor, visual memory, figure ground, scanning and finger isolation.

Sky Burger Free - Once again, a game that children will love without realizing they are working on visual motor, fine motor coordination of speed, range of motion of wrist of forearms and more.

Pirate Treasure Hunt Free - Eight challenges are presented with reading and math skills. Increase visual and fine motor, direction following, sequencing, visual memory.

iwritewords $2.99 - Tracing letters and words to help with correct letter formation. Increase visual and fine motor, letter formation, sequencing, word/letter recognition.

Sammy-Squirrel battles the alphabet $.99 - Match upper and lower case letters. Works on visual motor and memory, matching, sequencing, fine motor, and visual sequential. It also has three levels.

123 Tracer Lite Free - Number recognition and formation, visual and fine motor.

abc cursive $.99 - Cursive letters written in dots for tracing. Works on fine motor, pencil grasp, correct letter formation.

Alphabytes $1.99 - Four games built into one: tracing the alphabet, writing, spelling memorization. Improves fine motor, motor planning.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South.