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Charts, graphs, and diagrams are essential tools students and teachers use to visually present data in an informative, attractive, and engaging manner.

Students can visit the sites below to create charts, graphs, and diagrams for assignments in every subject, especially those that rely heavily on data and statistics, such as science, math, history, or social studies. Teachers will find these sites ideal for creating lessons or keeping track of student progress in the classroom, whether in-person or online.  

Fully Free/No Account Setup Required

  • Chartle
    Chartle users can take advantage of 10 types of charts, a gallery of example charts, useful FAQs, and the ability to style the color, patterns, and texture of every chart. Additionally, it’s easy to export charts as image, PDF, or csv files.
  • Chartgo
    A simple, easy-to-use site for creating and sharing bar, line, pie, and area charts. Includes a user guide, video demos, and example charts. Create your chart right in the browser window or upload a csv file. Download your chart as a png, pdf, or svg file—or save it online. Couldn’t be easier!
  • Hohli
    Easily create, edit, and share 12 types of charts and graphs directly in your browser, with no need to upload csv files. Hohli automatically generates a URL for sharing and HTML for embedding into a website. Customize your chart with a straightforward menu of size, color, text, and axis options. Integrates with Google Charts API, a free dynamic chart-generating program.
  • Plotvar
    Quickly create a line, bar, pie, or dynamic (“live”) graph and download your chart as a png, jpg, pdf, or svg file. Extra for advanced students: Tutorials to create charts with programming languages such as C#, GNUplot, python, and jschart.
  • Online Charts
    Offering 12 customizable chart types, including area, radar, meter, and bubble, Online Charts goes beyond what other free sites provide, yet is easy to navigate. Simply click on each menu tab to add or edit design, data, or fonts, then preview in a small, medium, or large version. Save online or download as png, svg, jpg, pdf, or csv file.
  • Kids’ Zone: Create a Graph
    From the National Center for Education Statistics, this free government site offers 5 graph types, graph examples, ideas for having fun with graphs, and the ability to save online. 

Fully Free With Free Account Setup/Email

  • Chart Maker
    Very simple and easy to get started right away creating your own basic pie, donut, or bar charts. Share via social media or the provided link. An account isn’t required to create charts, but it will permit users to save creations online, submit for public review, and comment/vote on others’ images.
  • Meta Chart
    With 12 chart types available, a clear FAQ page and tutorials, it’s fast and fun to create charts with Meta Chart. No account required to get started, but you’ll need a free account to save and edit your charts. Bonus: Create and share private charts, visible only to those with a PIN.

Free Basic Plan With Account Setup/Email

  • LucidChart
    Cloud-based platform for visualizing data with timelines, mind maps, venn diagrams, and other charts. Students and educators are eligible for a free education account, which includes unlimited document creation, three editable documents, and basic collaboration and sharing capabilities. The free education account is integrated with Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Gmail; Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and OneDrive.
  • Cacoo
    Offers a wide selection of templates and shapes plus the ability to collaborate with others in real time while creating a chart or diagram. The free education plan includes unlimited users, six sheets, and up to 15 collaborators. Check out the tutorial section [] for ideas on creating and sharing lesson plans [] and diagrams.
  • Visme
    A comprehensive presentation platform used by K-12, higher education and business customers, Visme provides a free account allowing up to five projects, jpg downloads, and selected templates and charts/widgets.
  • infogram
    More than just a chart creator, infogram offers a wide array of methods to visualize information, including infographics, reports, maps, dashboards and much more—in addition to 18 types of charts. Free basic education account allows up to ten projects using more than 37 interactive charts types and 13 map types. 

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