Fun and Educational iPad Apps, Pre-K through Grade 1

Need preschool, kindergarten or first grade apps? Try the following 15 easy-to-use educational apps:

Monkey Math School Sunshine (opens in new tab) – Great graphics, basic math skills, shapes, numbers.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox – Great graphics, entertaining, learn shapes, letters, counting, matching items, colors & more- earn stickers.

Old McDonald HD (opens in new tab) - Colorful, based on a popular song, easy to use, animation, sound, and records voice.

Word Wagon HD (opens in new tab) – Learn letters, phonics, and spelling of numerous words.

Shape Builder (opens in new tab) – Solve puzzles, colorful, sound, reveals real image when solved.

Starfall ABCs (opens in new tab) – See, hear, and interact with letters, sounds in words, sentences and games.

Count Candy (opens in new tab) – Teaches colors and numbers, interactive and fun.

Fish School HD (opens in new tab) –Learn shapes, numbers, letters, and colors while playing with colorful fish.

Sentence Builder (opens in new tab) – Help elementary students learn how to build grammatically correct sentences.

Glow Coloring (opens in new tab) – Color on a photo or create your own, choose color pages, different brushes, e-mail your creation.

Paint Sparkles (opens in new tab) – Fun painting with sparkles, colorful, sound. Choose color pages, create your own designs, different brushes, save artwork.

Abby – Animal Train (opens in new tab) – Over 40 animals and sounds – great for kids learning to recognize animals.

ABC Magnetic Land (opens in new tab) – Colorful graphics, sound, great magnets, numerous choices, letters, shapes, symbols, fruits, animals, and more.

Zoola Lite – Over 250+ animals, farm, safari, forest, water, dogs, zoo, pictures. Pronounces animal’s name.

Itsy Bitsy Spider HD (opens in new tab) – Based on the popular song, interactive, colorful-animated.

One for Teachers!

Skitch for iPad (opens in new tab) – Mark up a photo, map, or screenshot by drawing on it, adding shapes & text, and more.

Michelle Vance is the Technology Director of Ontario Local Schools in Mansfield, Ohio.