Fun and Educational iPad Apps, Pre-K through Grade 1

Need preschool, kindergarten or first grade apps? Try the following 15 easy-to-use educational apps:

Monkey Math School Sunshine – Great graphics, basic math skills, shapes, numbers.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox – Great graphics, entertaining, learn shapes, letters, counting, matching items, colors & more- earn stickers.

Old McDonald HD - Colorful, based on a popular song, easy to use, animation, sound, and records voice.

Word Wagon HD – Learn letters, phonics, and spelling of numerous words.

Shape Builder – Solve puzzles, colorful, sound, reveals real image when solved.

Starfall ABCs – See, hear, and interact with letters, sounds in words, sentences and games.

Count Candy – Teaches colors and numbers, interactive and fun.

Fish School HD –Learn shapes, numbers, letters, and colors while playing with colorful fish.

Sentence Builder – Help elementary students learn how to build grammatically correct sentences.

Glow Coloring – Color on a photo or create your own, choose color pages, different brushes, e-mail your creation.

Paint Sparkles – Fun painting with sparkles, colorful, sound. Choose color pages, create your own designs, different brushes, save artwork.

Abby – Animal Train – Over 40 animals and sounds – great for kids learning to recognize animals.

ABC Magnetic Land – Colorful graphics, sound, great magnets, numerous choices, letters, shapes, symbols, fruits, animals, and more.

Zoola Lite – Over 250+ animals, farm, safari, forest, water, dogs, zoo, pictures. Pronounces animal’s name.

Itsy Bitsy Spider HD – Based on the popular song, interactive, colorful-animated.

One for Teachers!

Skitch for iPad – Mark up a photo, map, or screenshot by drawing on it, adding shapes & text, and more.

Michelle Vance is the Technology Director of Ontario Local Schools in Mansfield, Ohio.