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Strategy Apps to enhance success for students

How do we reach the student whose IQ is between 65 and 80? 
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by Guest Blogger Vicki Windman

How do we reach the student whose IQ is between 65 and 80?Do we give up as parents and educators? Or do we take the challenge and advocate for as many services as possible, and look for any compensatory technique that will help the student pass the exams necessary to get a “local” diploma, so crucial to further success?

The iPad is a tool that can help these students be more academically successful.It keeps everything they need in one place - no more lost homework.Further, they can take a picture, record a lesson, dictate an essay, and more.Understanding what your students need to be more successful and then advocating for these needs gives them the best chance to succeed.

All students will have to write a paper in one class or another.One of the most difficult tasks is the ability to edit one's own work. Speak it!for $1.99 offers a variety of tools.Students can write a paper and then listen to it.This is great for students who need to see and hear what they wrote.Users can copy emails, documents, web pages, PDF files, and more; paste them into Speak it!Again this is a great for students who need to hear text, as they may miss a point because they are distracted or can not decode a word.Individual words are now highlighted to help students see words they may be struggling with.

Taking notes is another challenging task for students. For $4.99, AudioNotelets users record lectures, type or handwrite notes and highlight important facts.With digital folders for each class, there's no need for the old excuse, “my dog ate my notes." There is a free lite version to try the app but it limits recording time and doesn't allow emailing notes.

Awesome Note ($3.99) is also a must-have.It incorporates a to-do list, color coding by topic, alarms, a calendar view and best of all. syncs with Evernote for free.

All students should have the free an additional .99, users can add voice to text speech.The app will also pronounce the word.This is especially important for students who may have difficulty decoding words.A thesaurus is also included.A must-have app!

To help with organization, students need an agenda pad. iHomework ($1.99) keeps all projects, quizzes, homework and remindersin one place.It is also the only homework app that syncs with the user's computer.

Spelling is a difficult area for many people. American Wordspeller ($4.99) is a phonetic dictionary that lets users find words by the way they sound.

For test preparation, students can try Flashcard Touch ($4.99). The beauty of this app is a built-in dictionary. They can also create cards using Quizlet, which offers a ready-made host of flashcards.It's intuitive, and allows students to randomize cards and even add pictures – great for the visual learner.

No matter what their IQ, all students deserve a chance to work at their highest level. These apps can help many young people do just that.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South.



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