Evernote Skitch as a Teaching Tool

Skitch is Evernote's sketching app. It is a great app that allows you to create sketches and annotate, edit and save photos and sketches. It is very useful for taking notes that can't be typed, annotating photos, and making sketches. It is available for desktop, iOS and Android.

Steve Lai, a teacher in Canada, has some great ideas for using Skitch as a teaching tool over the the Evernote Skitch blog. He teaches French to young students and uses Skitch to annotate images that visually represent a word or category of words that he is teaching about. The images are shareable so his students can access and save them for later reference. He also uses it to annotate pictures of him acting things out and annotating photos of him playing guitar chords for his guitar students.

I had some ideas too. I teach Physics so I'm using it to annotate photos of real life objects with Physics concepts and I'm showing my students how to use it for labs and projects. They can take pictures of their project or lab setup and easily annotate it to use in the report.

I'm also going to use it for technology tutorials, showing actions and locations for setting up and using technology in the classroom.

What ways can you think of to use Skitch as a teaching tool?

David Andrade, MS Ed, a former educator, edtech specialist and school district CIO, is the Business Development Manager, Google Services, at CDW•G, a leading provider of integrated information technology solutions. He works with schools and internal teams on services and solutions around their Google environment.