Best Valentine’s Day Lessons & Activities

Computer keyboard with heart on large key.
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Valentine’s Day provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate fun and engaging pop culture into your classroom or remote learning instruction. Graphic arts, design, literacy, social-emotional learning, and even STEM topics lend themselves nicely to Valentine's Day themes.  

All of the following digital resources and lessons are free or low cost. 

  1. ABCYa Valentine’s Day Puzzles
    Young learners practice click-and-drag mouse manipulation, as well as shape and pattern recognition, in the Valentine’s chocolate box puzzle game. Be sure to check out the Valentine-themed crossword puzzle, which provides helpful hints if needed.  
  2. A Kid’s Heart: Valentine’s Day Math Games
    These Valentine-themed digital games help kids practice problems involving addition, exponents, and prime numbers. 
  3. Animoto Valentine's Day Videos
    Animoto  makes creating original videos fun, easy, and free for people of all ages. Users choose from six Valentine’s Day templates to express their love for another person, pet, or even a favorite cause. Templates are fully customizable with users’ own images and music, or take advantage of the stock options from Animoto. Share your video via download, link, or social media.  
  4. Apples4theteacher Valentine’s Day Games
    Nine fun computer games, including word search, memory and mouse skills, pattern recognition, and more.  
  5. Digital Valentine's Day Activities In Google Slides
    From Teachers Pay Teachers, this rich resource of 10 digital Valentine’s Day activities includes poetry, writing, design, word search, and more. 
  6. Distance Learning Virtual Scavenger Hunt Zoom Editable February Valentines
    A great remote learning lesson, this digital scavenger hunt from Teachers Pay Teachers allows educators to customize the assignment and incorporate movement.  
  7. Festisite Valentine Heart
    A simple, fun way for kids to get visual with Valentine’s Day poetry. Text is transformed into a heart-shaped, downloadable image or document. Have your students write their own, or analyze a published verse.  
  8. Love Collage Maker - Photo Editor & Heart Frames (Android)
    Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion for children to get creative with photos while expressing affection for friends and family. 
  9. Love Magnetic Poetry Kit
    Ever written poetry on your fridge? This simple digital “magnetic” poetry game offers batches of 40 to 50 words to create lines with whimsy, wisdom, and emotion. When done, click “More words'' to get a new set and start again. Challenge your students with a theme or genre, and let the random fun begin.  
  10. Pocket Heart (iOs) This free interactive 3D cardiology app is the real deal, used by medical students, doctors, and nurses. With its high-quality visuals, detailed descriptive content, and quizzes, it’s ideal for advanced biology or other life science studies.
  11. Sincerely Ink Cards (iOS and Android)
    Students design and digitally create their own Valentine’s Day cards. Ink Cards will print on 5”x7” gloss laminate card stock and mail to the intended recipient - perhaps a classmate or relative (or teacher).  
  12. Starfall
    Starfall’s create-your-own digital Valentine’s Day greeting helps the youngest students with spoken language, words, and spelling while they enjoy a variety of kid-friendly characters. Starfall’s Math Journey Valentine edition teaches basic number concepts as users traverse a heart-filled landscape. 
  13. St. Valentine's Day by Stephanie
    Six cloze stories about St. Valentine and St. Valentine's Day provide grammar/word choice practice for young learners as they explore the history and culture of the holiday.   
  14. Tynker: Valentine’s Day Card, Candy Heart Search and On Cloud Nine In these three great STEAM projects for young learners, kids learn coding and graphic arts while creating interactive Valentine’s Day cards and games.
  15. Valentine's Day Word Search (iOS) Make a game out of word practice with this free iPhone Valentine word search, which offers three levels of difficulty and five Valentine word categories.
  16. Valentine STEM Challenges
    It’s not all hearts and flowers! Use this top-rated PDF lesson to incorporate STEM topics such as physics and engineering into your Valentine’s Day instruction. Convertible to interactive digital format.   
  17. Virtual Valentines 2023: Melting the Miles between Classrooms
    Designed by educators, the free Virtual Valentines Project aims to teach geography and cultural awareness through virtual Valentine’s greetings. Two options for global connections are offered, both ideal for remote or classroom learning.
  18. Watch and Learn Heart Interactives
    Valentine's Day is filled with heart imagery and love poetry. But it’s the perpetual beating of the physical heart that keeps us alive and feeling emotions. Advanced students can use this free expert interactive from the American Heart Association to learn about multiple key topics in cardiology, from angina to  stents. 
Diana Restifo