App Review: The Rooster Who Lost His Voice

The Rooster Who Lost His Voice - First 3 pages, free. Full Story - $1.99 -- and worth every penny!

Here is a delightful app that tells the story of friendship using farm animals. The basis of the story is understanding what friendship means and what you can do for a friend when they are feeling down or sick. Children interact with the different farm animals as they help the Rooster find the right animal to help him get better. A relevant class discussion would concern the need to feel indispensable through deeds done for others. The app has the old-fashioned “peek a boo” lifts to find an answer—but now they are done with the touch of a finger. This is also a book that leads into an extended lesson plan. Students can answer cloze exercises, write about their best friends or the important people in their community.

Common Core Standards addressed All elementary grades:

  • Reading Literature: Asking questions, retelling stories and describing the characters and setting.
  • Writing: From revising editing and rewriting to writing a narrative in which the students recount the details in a sequence of events.
  • Students can also use this story to break into research groups to talk about friendship, community members, and helping others.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South.