From the Principal's Office: Inspiration Maps for iPad: Excellent Mapping Solution for the iPad

From the Principal's Office: Inspiration Maps for iPad: Excellent Mapping Solution for the iPad

Inspiration is an excellent choice for concept mapping because its features make it useful as a classroom tool and as a tool for anyone who uses mindmapping techniques. Now, Inspiration is available for the iPad with its Inspiration Maps for iPad app. (Inspiration Maps for iPad)

Some of the features of the iPad app version of Inspiration include:

  • Create maps or outlines. Convert a map to an outline or an outline to a map.
  • Start from a template or a blank map when using Inspiration for iPad.
  • Navigate around your map by sliding your finger.
  • Add concept bubbles by tapping a simple button, and to add text within that bubble, simply double-tap.
  • Print your maps or outlines.
  • Email them.
  • Save them to photos.
  • Send it as a PDF or PNG.
  • Send to Dropbox or iTunes.

Two more interesting features of Inspiration Maps for iPad app include:

1) taking your own photos to insert in your maps
2) using your own photo collection on your iPad

These two features offer a great deal of possibilities to the classroom teacher regarding the use of concept maps as classroom projects or assignments. Students can take photos to represent or symbolize things in their maps. These are then inserted right in their maps. The former English teacher in me loves this feature because the possibilities for mindmaps as projects is endless.

Inspiration Maps for iPad Main Screen

One final feature of the Inspiration Map for iPad app is the ability to customize your map shapes, lines, background colors, link shapes, etc.

Mapping with the Inspiration Maps for iPad App

The Inspiration Maps for iPad app is a bit pricey when compared to other apps in general, but when compared to some of the other mindmapping apps on the iPad it is comparable at $9.99. From their website, I understand they offer some deals tied to their desktop software license purchases too.

For the price, it is a fully functioning mindmapping solution for the iPad, and for those who use the desktop software, you can bring your maps down to your iPad. It offers great potential for students in the classroom.

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