Data Collecting Apps

As we move toward stricter guidelines, teachers will need to better document students' progress. Many apps collect data for this purpose; some provide an emailed report, others keep a report within the app, others allow users to send data to Dropbox.

English Apps

My Rainbow Sentences $7.99 This is a great introduction to writing sentences with three different levels. Upon completion of lesson you can read the students’ stats. You have the option to email the stats to the parents or keep for your own portfolio.

Cimo Spelling (sight words) $2.99 K-3rd grade Dolch spelling words. Student has 10 questions- Levels 1-4 are grades K-3, Level 5 is high frequency and Level 6 is challenge words. Upon completion of a level a report is given. The app shows you students' misspelled words.

iLiveGrammar $4.99 Botany combines science and language arts. There is also autumn and winter all grammar related and tracking student data. Depending upon the app each one deal with specific point in grammar from nouns to conjunctions. You are presented with clear data and the ability to send data to parents.

Eskills Reading Comprehension Apps, Language Arts apps all align to the Common Core Standards. If you want data you have the report emailed to you.

Reading Comprehension Camp $14.99 50 different stories with graphed data. Using the Flesch Kincaid readability levels, the app starts at Level 1 for grades 2-3. The app includes 11 types of quizzes from WH to cause and effect.

Math Apps

Studypad, Inc This company now has a kindergarten app and goes through grade 5. Grades K-5 offer a free version introducing you to two chapters of their app before purchasing. Each app aligns to the Common Core Standards. Once you have downloaded the free or paid version ($9.99) you can visit Splash Math, which will take you to each grade and give you chapter information. When your student is ready to play you set up their profile. For privacy I have all reports sent directly to me and on an as-needed basis, reports are sent to parents. You will also note you can backup data on the cloud, turn off background music, lock level, etc.

Jungle Coins $2.99 Insert the user’s name set the level from 1-6. Have student work on either find, count compare or correct change. At the end of the session you go back to settings to see the correct and incorrect. It would be nice to see the problems the student got wrong to understand where they are having difficulty.

iLiveMath each $4.99 -This set of apps has a series of cross curricular topics for students ranging in first-eighth grade. The apps use beautiful pictures and realistic topics. The apps have now be re-released to align with the Common Core standards and have automatic grading. The test results give you the correct answered, incorrect answered and unanswered. Each app has three different levels within the app and each is geared for a specific grade .

Speech and Language Apps

Questionit $24.99 Good for children who have difficulty answering “WH” questions. This app will monitor the duration how times the item was presented and how many tries it took the student. You get a beautiful summary report with the % and date. There is the option to email the report.

Articulation Station FREE this app comes just with the letter P. Additional letters cost between $2.99-$5.99 and the full version is $49.99. I also have the report sent to my email and send to parents on an as needed basis.

Smarty Ears Has a wide variety of apps from speech and language that collect data- apps include prepositions, adjectives, apraxia and more. Some of the apps require extra money for data tracking, but it is well worth it if you are a speech therapist.

HamaguchiappsFun With Directions HD $15.99 tracks the child’s ability to follow directions.

Between the Lines 1 $15.99 tracks the interpreting vocal intonation, facial expressions, perspective-taking, body language, and idiomatic or slang expressions.


Easy Portfolio $1.99- allows you to keep up to 100 portfolios. It allows you to add video, images, audio, notes, a URL and documents from Dropbox and email. A perfect way to present student’s work at a parent meeting.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South.