6 Steps to Get Going with Infographics from @Eileen_Lennon

6 Steps to Get Going with Infographics from @Eileen_Lennon

We're more likely to read things that are visually appealing, so if you want to get your message out there, consider making an infographic.

Want to know how? Check out this episode of the 10 Minute Teacher podcast where #NYCSchoolsTech educator, Eileen Lennon shares ideas with Coolcat Teacher Vicki Davis about her tips, tricks, and techniques to using infographics to communicate and share ideas.

Get Going Started with Infographics

  • Limit the number of typefaces used
  • Uniform color
  • Use space wisely
  • Have a focal point

Consider this...

Whether infographics are created in your classroom, school, or district, Eileen says that students prefer consuming content where they know the source. Think of it like locally sourced food, but in this case, it is locally sourced information. Students also like infographics because they are visually appealing, or if we stick with the food analogy, rather than bland and processed, graphics are the condiments that allow us to season words and text to perfection.

Check it out...

Here are some of the infographics Eileen mentioned in the podcast.

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