Social Studies Apps to meet the Common Core Standards

If you are teaching History or Social Studies in grades 6-12, the following apps will help you meet the Common Core Standards:

Grade RH 6-8.8
Fact or Opinion $2.99- This is a good beginning app to introduce the difference between a fact and opinion. The app comes with 56 flashcards. Students can be tracked and data is collected when the student identifies whether the answer is correct.

Grade RH 6-8.7

United States of America- Free or $.99 for full version. This is a visual representation of the United States of America. The free version allows you to see the shape of each state and the state’s capital, nickname, area, area codes, bird, county, flower, highest and lowest point, tree, population and time zone. The paid version includes state flags, state seal, Presidents and test your knowledge.

Grade 9-10.4
The Constitution for the iPad- Free- Use this app to determine the meaning of word and phrases as they are used in the text.

Grades 6-12- Reading History
RH 6-8.1, RH 6-8.2, RH 6.8.4, RH 9-10.1, RH 9-10.2, RH9-10.6, RH 11-12.3, RH 11-12.4

DocsTeach- Free- Students can use the app on their own or enter a class code set up by their teacher using . Teachers can set up classrooms with age appropriate activities related to the Common Core.

Today in History Lite Free- over 100K historical events.

Today's Document Free- 365 documents from the US National Archives- includes a document and photo for every day of the year!

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