Fake Tweet Builder

Fake Tweet Builder

After my previous post, here is another tool to create fake accounts and this time, it’s on Twitter.

First, go to this linkand write your Twitter conversation. Here is an example:

TheWolf: I like eating little children.

Little Red Riding Hood:@theWolf Don’t eat children, eat ice-cream please.

When you’re done, you can customize your fake Twitter stream. You can write the full names, upload pictures, change colors, the background image and many more things. When it’s finished, you will see the Twitter stream.

Here are a few ideas to use Fake Twitter in class:

  • Ask students to create a fake dialogue between two story characters.
  • Students can create a Twitter stream to ask questions to inventors or important people in history.
  • Students can ask questions to each other and answer them.
  • They can create a Twitter stream with the new vocabulary or the grammar that they have learnt.
  • In groups, they can try to create the funniest stream about a topic.
  • Tweets can be in a jumbled order and they can put them in order and write them using this tool.
  • If you like this tool, try this one as well.

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