Use Easy Annotate with PDFs

Use Easy Annotate with PDFs

For teachers and students looking to mark up a text on their iPad, Easy Annotate (opens in new tab) is worth checking out. This iPad app lets users look at two PDF documents at once for side by side viewing, editing and linking. Easy Annotate gives you the power to highlight, mark, underline, cross-out, draw, and add notes to any PDF document.

Easy Annotate (opens in new tab) makes it simple to import and export documents from Dropbox. Users also have the option to print or email their annotated document straight from the app. In the classroom students can use Easy Annotate to mark up a text to show where they found the answer, take notes as they conduct research, and edit their own writing. This app is easy to use and can definitely help children as they read over material or study for an exam.

Visit Easy Annotate’s website or watch their video to learn more!

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