8 Web Tools and Apps for Creating Animated Character Videos

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When they create short films, students learn about developing plot and characters and writing dialogue. Shelley Terrell recommends eight free tools that will help learners integrate visual and multimedia content in their animated videos:

Plotagon (Web/iOS/Android) - Students choose a scene, add actors, write dialogue, and add emotions, sound effects, and music.

Powtoon - Offers a library of music, text, and characters.

Wideo - Students choose or upload images and animations and add audio.

Zimmer Twins - Students can create a cartoon featuring the Zimmer Twins by choosing a background scene and typing in the dialogue.

Dvolver - Choose from a library of characters, backgrounds, and props to create a short film.

Puppet Pals and Toontastic - iOS apps for creating short videos with fun characters that students animate with voice and movement. Students can also upload their own drawings.

SockPuppets - An iOS app for creating short movies with talking socks.