Class Tech Tips: Healthy eBook: Keb and Cala Explore Sugar

Class Tech Tips: Healthy eBook: Keb and Cala Explore Sugar

Keb and Cala Explore Sugar, What Is It And Why Is It So Sweet? is an engaging eBook designed for iPads that will bring healthy eating to life for children. It follows the adventures of Keb and Cala as they explore sugar in different foods. The whimsical animations and characters will grab your students’ attention as they learn about making healthy food choices.

Teachers can log in to Keb and Cala Explore Sugar‘s companion website to access a fully automated lesson and activity sheets that extend the concepts that are introduced in this book. There is a Sugar Health Challenge to help teachers guide students through behavior change and think about their community. Within the text children will find educational games, interactive quizzes and tons of healthy eating tips. You’ll love how this eBook includes audio support for reading aloud in addition to animations and pop-ups.

Check out Keb and Cala Explore Sugar on iTunes or visit their website to learn more!

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