Keep Your Memories

Keep Your Memories

Do you remember what happened a year ago today? With Little Memory web tool, now it is easy to know!

Little Memory is a web tool like a diary. After signing up, you simply write today’s memory. If you want, you can upload a picture, tag where you are, tag your friends and surprise them by sharing your memories of the day with them. You can keep your memories private or share them via different social media tools. The tool also sends you a notification during the day to remind you to write.

You can also download it to your iOS or Chrome devices.

With this tool, students can keep their memories of each day or a period of time. When they are done, they can print out all their memories and compare their progress with their friends. It is great to promote metaskills as the kids can follow their progress as they keep their memories. Also, it is a cool way to improve writing skills of the students and write reflections on what they have learnt in class.

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