Clickers With Plickers

Clickers With Plickers

There are many student response systems that you can use in the classroom with your students. And here is a new and a great one for me that I have learnt from great educators Yaz Bayraktar and Berna Aslan.

Plickers is a kind of clickers that you can poll or quiz your students online. The best part is that your students don’t need to have any devices or connect to the internet. After signing up, you create your class online and create a list of questions or your students. You download the app to your phone. Then, print out the plickers code cards (that looks like a QR code) and hand them to your students. You can use the same printed cards in all your classes. The code cards are four sided and on each side A, B, C or D letter is written. As you show the questions and the possible answers to your students on the screen, they rotate their cards to give the right answer and hold it up. (The right answer should be on the top) Then with the app, you can scan the codes and see who has got it right or wrong immediately!

I think this is one of the most creative web tools I’ve ever seen! You can use this tool as an exit card, to get feedback or to create class polls. Please, check this tool and download it!

Hats off for the creator of this tool!

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