Langwitches Blog Turns 9 Years Old!

Langwitches Blog Turns 9 Years Old!

As I was working with teachers at the Goethe Schule in Buenos Aires, Argentina today, supporting them in creating their own new blogs for professional development and to document their learning. I wanted to show them that I did not start out with the Langwitches blog the way it is today.

I felt my way around with what to write…
How to write with an audience in mind… yet not knowing if anyone was reading
Not receiving any feedback in form of comments
I was not used to writing in English
I had never heard or experimented with hyperlinked writing
I was not fluent in creating, inserting, embedding different forms of media as part of a blog post to be able to communicate and model

I pulled up my first blog entry to realize that I had started Langwitches exactly 9 years ago, February 20th, 2006.

Image taken by Marisa Gonzalez. Used with permission

It was interesting to see that I already had a vision of documenting and sharing since the beginning. It was satisfying that exactly 9 years later, I was indeed working with teachers, who teach German or Spanish to many second language learners here in Argentina and supporting them to set up their blogs

Langwitches Blog, February 20, 2006

This Blog is an experiment. I am fascinated by the possibilities of blogging in the foreign language classroom. I will document what I have learned and hopefully inspire other language teachers to try their own blogs.

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